Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Post: Five Insane Wild Rock Performances!

Howdy rockers! This post, bringing out some of the most insane wild performances in rock music, has been contributed to us by one of our very own esteemed readers. Check out what she thinks:

Rock and Roll is brimming with unforgettably wild performances from artists whose sanity might, indeed, be questionable. However, the on-stage antics of these five bands/ performers have become the stuff of legend. The following must-see performances will demonstrate that wild insanity and great music can go hand in hand.

  • The Who:  Who can say, decades later, what Pete Townshend’s guitar did to deserve to be smashed up, but the legendary crack up and the rock insanity that fueled it is one of live Rock’s greatest moments. Credited as the first guitar-smashing rocker, Townshend and his mid-1960s guitar smash helped gain the band notoriety and not to be outdone—the drummer, Keith Moon—began destroying his drum kits, too. All in all, when fans first glimpsed that performance of Townshend’s destructive force, Rock music became celebrated for the joy of sheer mayhem. 

  •  Pink Floyd:  Regarded as one of the highlights in Rock’s history, Pink Floyd’s 1980 theatrical show that brought their double album The Wall to life on stage is still considered one of the most incredible and wild rides of live performance. Dismayed by the growing isolation from his fans Roger Waters felt during stadium performances, he conceived of building a real wall on stage. Fans watched the concert performance as a 6-man crew built a wall in front of the band. At intermission, Waters placed the final brick. Then, an explosive crash witnessed the crumbling of the wall as the band launched into “Outside the Wall.” Concert productions have never been the same since. 

  •  Alice Cooper: Shock rocker Alice Cooper wowed audiences back in 1973 when he faked his death during the climax of his live show by placing his neck in a guillotine. The trick guillotine was built to stun audiences who were treated to the mad performer’s beheading. Many groups tried to ban Cooper from repeating this prank at other shows, but Cooper prevailed and his famous guillotine act continues to be one of Rock and Roll’s craziest moments. 

  •  Kiss: The 1970s, a wild time in Rock and Roll history, also witnessed the live performances of Kiss who combined Heavy Metal with elements of Glam Rock. At the height of their wild performances, Kiss wowed audiences with laser-firing guitars, blood-spitting, fog, explosions, and unforgettable fire-breathing pyrotechnics. The Kiss Army rejoiced at the painted faces of their mad generals who took rock concerts to a crazy new level. 

  •  Jimi Hendrix: On a late March evening in 1967, Hendrix lit his guitar on fire as the culminating event of a performance while touring in the UK and parts of Europe. Hendrix was cementing his reputation as an innovative and highly influential guitar player when he set his guitar in flames. Wild and crazy though it was, the act is one of Rock and Roll’s greatest moments and the viewed performance continues to generate fans and astound viewers. Not surprising, Jimi’s burning guitar is forever associated with Rock and Roll madness. 

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