Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking to buy or sell your Music Gear online? Read on!

Well, every musician dreams of owning some quality musical instruments for his own satisfaction, and with such expensive dreams, its probably difficult to make them a reality. I myself wanted to get a nice Guitar pedal and sell my old one, but the one I liked was out of my budget! So I considered getting a used pedal instead.

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All listings at OLX are so well organized and filtered, that its really a pleasure to browse through various commodities one may need with ease as per your budget. I was looking for a pedal under my budget, and it just took me a few seconds to reach my desired result page having tons of second hand pedals posted by various users, along with detailed images as well! And the best part is: Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the site is completely FREE! Incase you don't know why OLX is, its a classified platform where you can design colorful ads, control your trading activity and even view it in your local language as well.

So, if you ever think of selling your gear and you wanna do it the perfect way for free, or you are looking for some good used instruments that suit your budget, head over there right away!

    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Classic Rock Music 2011 at a Glance

    So folks, its time to say goodbye to another glorious year for Classic Rock Music 2011, although with sadly some of the biggest passings too.

    Here are some 2011 highlights at a glance in view of Classic Rock :


    • Clarence Clemons
      The "Big Man" was a member of E Street Band from the day it was formed in 1971. 
    • Gary Moore
      Blues rock axeman had a successful solo career after a six year stint with Thin Lizzy, beginning in 1973. 
    • Last, but certainly not the least, a special mention to the iCONIC Steve Jobs, who revolutionized the music listening experience by the iPod, that's become a household name in all forms of music. He has also been honored with a special Grammy this year. “He took technology and turned it into art, becoming a key player and leader in the entertainment world, particularly music, and changing the way we all use the Internet and consume music, TV, movies, books, graphics, and more,” the Recording Academy said.


    • Super Heavy
      Mick Jagger teamed up with Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley and composer A.R. Rahman to record a multi-genre, wide-ranging album that turned out to be brilliant as expected! 
    •  Pink Floyd: The surviving members of Pink Floyd reunited at Roger Waters show in London after so many years! Check this out
    • Guns n Roses, The Beastie boys and Red Hot Chilli Peppers got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    • U2 named the highest earning tour act of 2011 grossing a whopping $293 million, followed by Bon Jovi.

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Vanaprasta's Healthy Geometry: A BANG ON debut!

    Vanaprasta, in Sanskrit, means the study of geometric shapes, sizes and patterns. But here, we are talking about a Psychedelic/Indie/Post-Grunge/Alternative band all the way from Los Angeles!

    Their line up includes:
    Steven Wilkin - Lead Vox/Keys, Collin Desha - Guitar/Keys/Background Vox, Taylor Brown -Bass/Keys/Background/Vox , Cameron Dmytryk – Guitar/Sampler and Ben Smiley – Drummer/Percussion .

    While the Los Angeles based quintet might have borrowed the name from the ancient Indian texts , the music they create is not even  remotely close to any sort of Indian music . But that’s not a bad thing . The LA based quintet are causing a stir in world of indie with their fresh approach to the indie sound. They don’t restrict themselves to just indie , they mix it with healthy doses of psychedelic , post grunge and some alternative, which can only be a damn good thing . Their debut offering ‘Healthy Geometry’ is an eclectic album , which has broadened the definition of indie .  Their sound can best be described as a mix of psychedelics of The Mars Volta with the Kings of Leon post grunge/southern tinge. It’s definitely one of the acts to look forward to in the future. With a debut album as good as this…… things do look great for these guys.

    The album begins with a mellow, psychedelic track ‘Nineequalsnine’ . This song is a stoner’s paradise due to its healthy mix of ambient soundscapes with psychedelics and samples . Steven owns this track due to his incredible vocal delivery . It’s my favorite track from this album. Next up is ‘Minnesota’ , which begins with a psychedelic intro but progresses into a more of an alternative chorus . It also has a post grunge influenced middle section. The band really shows it’s varied tastes and influences in this track. ‘Self Indulgent Feeling’ has a feel good factor to it . Right from the intro till the end , the track is a delight. This track is where the band displays it’s indie credentials. This track is Steven’s best performance in the album. ‘Supernumerary’ is most notable for it’s use of psychedelics and samples to create a sound which is highly reminiscent of The Mars Volta. But a post grunge middle section is something which the band completely owns.

    ‘Healthy Geometry’ is their most well known track, due to it’s music video(which you should check out, if you haven’t already !). This track is very energetic, definitely one of the best tracks in the album. ‘G-‘ is the most aggressive song in this album , with the band descending into controlled chaos , post the guitar solo. Steven screaming, Collin and Cameron going all out in the sonic attack which has Ben slamming the skins and Taylor creating a really tight bassline to gel it all together , is the high point of the album. ‘Don’t Go Home’ is an all out indie track. It’s a welcome break from all the aggression. ‘Come On’ uses sampled tunes in the background along with the keys to good effect. It’s one of the mellower tracks in the album. Their album ending track ‘Crushing Ants’ is one hell of a track , displaying all of the band’s influences. One can hear indie, psychedelic, post grunge, alternative in a single track. It’s definitely the magnum opus of this album. That’s probably one of the reasons why it is the longest track of this album, clocking at almost 6 minutes long. A great track to finish the album with. All in all, it’s an amazing album . With most bands in the indie scene venturing towards more of a pop rock/alternative sound , ‘Healthy Geometry’ comes as a fresh breath of air to the indie scene as whole.

    Go……. listen to it, if you still wanna believe that indie is not dead!

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Coals to Newcastle: The Movie!

    Band: The New Mastersounds
    Genre: Funk/Jazz
    Line-up: Eddie Roberts - Guitars , Simon Allen -  Drums , Peter  Shand  - Bass , Joe Tatton – Hammond Organ/Keys , Rob Lavers – Tenor Sax, Flute .

    When I first chanced upon the ‘Coals to Newcastle’ DVD, I was like ‘Whoa! A funk-jazz band from Leeds!’. Now, you see, Leeds exactly isn’t the place where you would expect a funk-jazz band . New York, New Orleans, London … maybe, but Leeds wouldn’t cross your mind. But England’s finest funk-jazz band is from Leeds. In fact, not only Britain’s, but for the funk-jazz scene worldwide . This bunch of 5 guys making music, music that is not from their country  but still being able to make it their own is what ’Coals to Newcastle’ is about .

    The documentary starts with the explanation of the impact of Leeds College of Music on the music scene in Leeds . By offering the first Jazz degree in Europe , it attracted many talented players from England and to some extent , worldwide . For those who don’t know , Leeds College of Music is THE college from where many talented players have passed out , including the rock fusion guitarist Tom Quayle(finalist of Guitar Idol 2009) . Since England didn’t offer a non - classical degree before Leeds College of Music , it attracted most of the people interested in Jazz music . And because of this fact , Leeds has a strong Jazz/Funk scene , not recognized as much as New York or London , but pretty strong nevertheless .

    Eddie Roberts (formerly 3 Deuces guitarist), is the brainchild behind The New Mastersounds . Simon Allen , who has an unorthodox playing technique(often referred to as the ‘open handed technique’) , was approached by Eddie himself ‘coz he thought that his drum playing was fluid and perfect for funk . Then the documentary progresses to show how they get Peter Shand(amazing bass grooves !); Joe Tatton (according to Eddie , they had trouble finding the ‘right’ keyboard player ‘coz all of them were ‘all over the place’ ! Joe was the perfect fit for their type of music, subtle, yet incredible improviser ). Their camaraderie is very strong , especially among the 2 forts of the rhythm section i.e. Peter & Simon , who are actually best friends . Infact , Simon goes on to say that he would feel comfortable in any band as long as Peter is there with him . These guys know each other so damn well that even if, onstage, any one starts a new riff or a groove , they would follow it tight & perfectly complement each other .

    The documentary is a little bit personal too , for example ; Simon explaining why he didn’t wanna have kids before he was successful  , Eddie missing his kids while on tour , Peter’s inspiration to play the bass and Joe’s reluctance to be on tour for a long period . The introduction of Rob Lavers into the band line-up was later on into the band’s existence , which infused new life into their music . Rob’s tasty phrasing of the notes complimented very well with the band , a fact openly said by Simon , who states ‘At first , I didn’t quite understand the reason why Eddie took him in the band , but by the 3rd gig with Rob , I started to get it and I liked it ‘. The band had been playing around in England and Europe for a while , spreading their brand of Funk/Jazz at various Jazz Festivals . The invitation from The House of Blues, New Orleans is their moment of glory . British dudes being invited to America to play American music surprises the group (in a good way , of course !); in the words of Eddie ‘its like sending coals to Newcastle’ and hence, the inspiration for the documentary's title.

    Despite of the fact that it cost the band a substantial amount of money to get to the other side of the Atlantic, the group decided to tour New Orleans . A friend of them in New Orleans allows them to stay at her place , eliminating the accommodation problem . New Orleans is depicted in a true light , showing the after effects of the Hurricane Katrina , their colorful culture , the incredible Jazz festival and the warm people present there . Clips from the House of Blues gig are shown , which , according to the band had the best sound . Then , there are the gigs at the Blue Nile ,which have them jamming with a host of talented musicians (Brian Jordan, Adam Deitch, Jonathan Batiste, Ivan Neville).  And there’s the porch gig , THE most EPIC gig in the whole documentary! A gig on the porch of the friend’s house …. people start  dancing to the band playing on the porch . With an introduction by Ready Teddy (comic old man , I say), jamming with Stanton Moore (of Galactic fame) on a track; a dancer (eye candy :P) on stage during one of their tracks , it turns out to be their most fun gig in Orleans . The band’s music have them earning respect from their contemporaries  and praise for their approach of keeping instrumental solos minimal in their music & instead focusing more on the music arrangement.  All this documentary lacks is a live set which, in my opinion, should have been there to complete the circle. A live set accompanied by this documentary would have been satisfying for the music lover who wished to see the band in action for a whole gig, but all in all , me thinks that this is a cool documentary . Right from their time in Leeds to the tour to New Orleans, it’s well documented.

    Watch this documentary, if you still believe that there are artists out there who are making music, for the music, not for the money.

    Hope to see a live DVD in the future !

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    News: The Trews and The Barr Brothers on a full fledged U.S. tour!

    'The greatest rock band of their generation' as proclaimed by the Performer Magazine, The Trews, are out on a full US tour for their album titled 'Hope and Ruin'. We had earlier reviewed the album too! Check it out here. The tour dates are below:

    But that's not it just yet. The Barr Brothers are also currently on tour in support of their debut self-titled album too!  The Wild Honey Pie gave the LP a glowing review, saying: “Without a doubt, The Barr Brothers self-titled album has cemented itself as one of the most diverse and well written this year. Be sure to take the time to really dig into each track — you’ll find something different and astounding each time you listen.”

    Tour Dates
    11/30 – Burlington VT @ Higher Ground  
    12/01 – Boston MA @ Cafe 939 
    12/02 - Fairfield CT @ StageOne 
    12/03 - Portland ME @ One Longfellow Square  
     12/06 – Vienna VA @ Jammin Java 
    12/07 – New York NY @ Joe's Pub  
    12/08 – Brooklyn NY @ Union Pool 
    12/09 – Philadelphia PA @ World Cafe Live 
     12/10 - Wilkes Barre PA @ River Street Jazz Cafe

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    The New Mastersounds' Journey, from Coals to Newcastle!

    Leeds, UK- The birthplace of the ever-growing funk-jazz group, The New Mastersounds. Now the genre would seem quite unheard of, but I'd suggest: Better go hear them out and I'm sure its gonna be worth it to the core! Funk is primarily an American genre, but The New Mastersounds kept it alive in the UK, and made it popular as well.

     And now, the big news is: They have an upcoming documentary film scheduled to release on iTunes on November 1st! With sit-ins and commentary from several New Orleans master musicians, “Coals to Newcastle,” offers viewers a look into the lives of 5 Britons that have been influenced by a uniquely American art form, and a glimpse at the city that started it all as it struggles to retain its culture after Katrina’s devastation. The film has already been screened at various film festivals and has received amazing critical acclaim as well!

    Now this film's sure gonna be interesting to watch out folks, being a documentary about a bunch of guys trying to play an altogether different genre that originated elsewhere, in their homeland, which couldn't have been so easy as it might seem to be! Take a look at the official trailer over here:


    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Indie Rock just got a whole New Symmetry!

    When it comes to indie bands, there are two camps.

    Actually, there are infinite camps amongst indie rock snobs, but for now, we'll say there's two. Camp One: If you've heard one indie band you've heard them all. Leave 'indie rock' behind already, and Camp Two: Assuming, those in camp one are wrong, this is where the possibility for endless other camps arises. Camp Two-ers will assume that each indie band can be different, but will argue over the true definition of indie, whether or not plaid shirts with glasses and beards
    are overdone, whether mainstream indie is possible, or even which coffee shop is more authentic to sit at and bicker.

    I've said all this to say, I'll call Wires in the Walls an indie-rock band, keeping in mind the two camps. Yes, that's a disclaimer. Stay with me.

    Genre titles, snobbiness and bickering aside, Wires in the Walls formed in 2009. Originating in L.A., they've earned quite much fame by playing in top venues, touring both coasts and being very 'indie' with their promotion, merch, sales and shows.

    Regardless of which camp you fall in, the band's first full length album "New Symmetry" dropped on October 25th, 2011 and it’s definitely worth a listen, a treat to your ears! If you think you know indie rock, don't be so sure just yet. Whatever ambiguous label you want to stick on Wires in the Walls, don't do it, and give them a listen instead.

    Well, The album opens with Tremolo, a whimsical track that's immediately striking. Between the unique vocals and cheery instrumentals, it's the kind of song you might hear playing at coffee shop and think, "Who is this band? They're great? I'd like to hear more."

    The next track, Sympathy Ward, is slower, and the vocals are sung in a lower register, a welcome change from the last track and a reassurance that the vocalist can do something different with his voice. I especially liked the transition and rhythm change towards the end, perfect! The next two, Sirens and The Ringer have a refreshing classic feel that's not altogether stale, but strangely unique. It's sound tame, but in a new way. I've noticed a lot of variation in certain parts in each track, which is tremendous indeed!

    The title track, New Symmetry, is ridiculously fun. It started off very well! The guitars and vocals definitely stole the show in this one! Just the type of song you listen to on a warm sunny day with the windows down and this song just cheers you up!

    The next two tracks, Soft Shirt and Y.S.A. have a country-infused twang. Now I was actually expecting to find such a track next, and it pleased me to the core! Y.S.A. would be one of my favorites from this album! The Land, The Sea and the Outer Space is a bit of a departure from the typical 'indie' rock ideals, and reverts to a more classic-rock feel. The drums and rhythm blended really well with the vocals. The next tracks, Tin Can and Crutch are both energetic, giving away a Punk feel, Tin Can reminding me a bit of 'Green Day' too.

    The final track, Eulogy, is a somewhat somber ending, which had a really versatile intro and is apparently titled appropriately. All in all, it's a simple, beautiful ending to such a diverse album that can hardly be done justice with the simple genre title of 'indie rock'.

    All in all, for a final verdict: Wires in the Walls is definitely one of the most versatile bands I've come across till now, and their debut album, New Symmetry, has a blend of almost everything! Whether you love Indie Rock or hate it, you sure are gonna love this album folks! Check out the band here.

    This album was reviewed by one of our writers, Danielle, who actually is a recovering indie music snob, but remains an equipment snob. She spends her time checking out new music, and scouting out the newest and most innovative revolutions in home theater design and home sound systems.

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Rusty Pacemaker: Blackness and White Light!

    This time around we got to listen to a solo artist, all the way from Austria, Rusty Pacemaker, who has formally not got any kind of musical education, and is a band of his own!

    If the above description of Rusty wasn't enough to make you curious, here's a complete review of the album, 'Blackness and White Light' :

    The album started off with a quite basic track named 'Cell' which wasn't too exceptional of some sort, having a nice riff, fine bass and good vocal mixing. Next up was 'You never had' and hey, contrary to the name, this had it all! An impressive dominating Riff, along with a very original sound to it throughout!

    'My Way' had a quite long intro, and begins to sound monotonous after a while, and the bass could have been better in this one. The next song, 'Amok', had an appreciable intro, and real good variations in the vocals and music overall as well. 'Waiting for tomorrow' is, musically, one of the finest tracks of this album, complete with a meaningful guitar solo I loved!

    'The human race' began off an energetic intro with a punch of rage. Total justice has been evident in the genre, music and the vocals. Good piece! Moving on to 'My last goodbye', only lyrically could I see some change in this one, else the style remained same. But I'll have to add that the blending of the sound and the lyrics is real good!

    Next up, 'Blackness and white light': The intro should have been short. Its really difficult to impress the audience with long intro's unless its as good as probably Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven, although yes, Its not at all like I'd expect a sound like Led Zep, but what I mean is that the intro lacked a bit of creativity. The album finally came off to an end with an intense, deep and dark track, true to its name, 'Mother'.

    Overall, I'd say the album is good and true to its name as well. Its kinda a dark album, with deep, intense tracks that are sure gonna get you something different on your music players, and well, the album is up for a release very soon too folks!

    Check out Rusty's official site right here.

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    'Breaks from the Border' by The New Mastersounds!

    If I had to describe The New Mastersounds' latest album in four words (I don't have to, but I will because well--why not), I'd choose: pristine, smug, fresh, distinguished.

    And, if the album were an animal, it'd be a lioness. Sarabi (Simba's mom in The Lion King), to be precise.The British funk quartet's new album is just boss. And there's more good news where that came from: they'll be playing at the Bear Creek Festival in Florida this upcoming November. So pack up your coolers, deluxe lawn chairs with cup holders, a canopy or two, sunscreen, buy your tickets early and leave the haters behind.

    Oh, and pick up Breaks from the Border first. Did I mention that it's great?


    This album is clean, from beginning to end. It opens with the track Take What You Need, featuring super smooth, groovy bass lines, subtle yet shouty vocals, catchy riffs and mild distortion. The guitarist's precise and technical picking continues throughout the entire album and is undeniably present in tracks like Run The Gauntlet and my personal favorite, Freckles.

    The drumming is also light, but powerful. It's the perfect blend of a rolling, tapping jazzy type drumming style with a solid vintage-like thumping. The two methods meld seamlessly into a neatly tied package of drumming bliss.


    The New Mastersounds are confident in the superiority of their sound-- and it shows. The lyrics are simple and work in conjunction with, instead of against, the trim sound of the instruments. The collective sounds on this album never fight for attention. Songs like Passport and Up In The Air display the band's smooth sound and sleek talent without being overly showy. The album as a whole has an air of utter correctness, making it impossible to imagine any of these four guys ever playing a sour note, producing a sloppy tune or spilling Ranch into the Italian dressing at a salad bar. Wait, what?


    This album is fresh to death. Which, according to urban dictionary means inexplicably good. And that's not a phrase I use often (or ever).

    The album is also fresh in the sense that every song is it's own sound. Sure, the entire thing is a cohesive piece of work, but the constant shift in tempo, the switch to an occasional reggae/ska style and the overall pacing of the album keeps your interest piqued throughout. Just when you've gotten comfortable with the smooth drumming and technical guitar riffs, they'll switch it up by picking up the tempo, throwing in a piano or changing the vocal style. On the Border, a slow, bass-y piano ballad, comes right on the heels of a fast track then transitions into something more upbeat. Can You Get It has the charm of a song from a rambling jam-band while instrumental tracks like Josus offer a surprising change from the sultry vocals.


    Few artists can pull of what the Mastersounds are able to in this album. They easily master the 'vintage' feel of older rock and mix it effortlessly with jazz influences, among others. They change the tempo in nearly every song, sing when they feel like it, reference countless musical styles-- and they do it well.

    The end song of this album is the shiny bow on top of a perfectly wrapped gift. It's reminiscent of everything that makes the listening experience enjoyable. It's a super chill, smooth ending to a super chill, smooth album.

    It's Festival Time

    The Bear Creek Music Festival will be in Live Oak, Florida on November 10-13th and The New Mastersounds are in there like swimwear. Get your favorite concert buddies, your lawn chairs and your canopy and go watch them folks! You just can't miss them!

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Interview: Renowned guitarist, vocalist and GMC founder, Kristofer Dahl!

    We recently got a chance to interact with ace guitarist and musician, Kristofer Dahl, best known for being the FOUNDER of the online forum: GuitarMasterClass(popularly known as GMC). Kristofer's first website was created in 2005, from which he gradually moved on to GMC.

    This interview is a must read for all aspiring guitarists to get to know Kris' secrets and get inspired!

    BeaRockr: Hello Kristofer, It’s a pleasure to having you answer some of our questions as the day I was introduced to GMC, I’ve seriously been a fan of your music, and much more, your online ventures. Here’s a series of a few questions we’d love you to talk to us about!

    Thanks a lot, it's a pleasure to have you onboard! I am looking forward to speaking to you at GMC as well!

    B: Who or what inspired you to take up the guitar? Are you from a musical background?

    K: Neither of my parents play an instrument - and no one in my family has been able to teach me any music. I first discovered metal and pop music in my early teens and then later on guitarists like Yngwie and Marty Friedman. That's when I decided to get serious about the guitar!

    B: What did it take for you to reach your current level of guitar playing? We’d love to hear out your secrets behind your creativity and those rapid fingers of yours!

    K: Hehe well the fast fingers are just a matter of looong practice sessions with the metronome! Creativity is much more tricky - and I would say that the key is to get to know yourself as a human being.
    Many people don't really know themsleves: What are your true fears, strengths, goals and inspirations? When you know what works for you, you can achieve a proper balance and live a creative & inspired lifestyle.

    B: You started up with and gradually moved on to the very popular What prompted you to start up an online guitar teaching site/forum, rather than forming your own rock band?

    K: Well rock bands sucked! At the time I still had a lot to learn - although I had come a long way as far as chops/soloing goes. I often say that 'not only am I the first instructor at GMC - I am the first student as well'! I still learn so much from just being at GMC...let's face it, the other instructors are extremely skilled!

    B: We’ve seen a lot of your videos out on youtube, and well, they are just so amazing to say the least! A lot informative, and inspiring as well. Going by the number of views each of your video gets on an average, you’re actually a YouTube sensation, Kris. How did you achieve such a tremendous fan following ONLINE?

    K: I think it's a combination by being backed up by the GMC community - and the fact that I am obsessed with recording videos... I LOVE it! I never produce a video unless I feel strongly for the content and feel that I am going to have a lot of fun while recording, editing and promoting the video.

    B: Are you currently playing in some bands too? We’d love to hear about them!

    K: Not currently. I hope that by the time I have got enough material to put out an album with songs in the same spirit as 'Love Me' - there will also be an opening for me to start playing in a band again.

    B: What gear do you use?

    K: My main axes are a Parker Nitefly and a Fender American Deluxe Strat. For this song I used a Mark V amp and a modified Marshall JCM800. I also use a boss DD-3 and an Ibanez TS808 pedal.

    B: What are your future projects currently lined up? Any final piece of comments for our readers?

    K: I will go wherever music takes me - and I think that's what BeaRockers should do as well. Remain openhearted and you will live a richer life!

    B: Thanks for taking out some time in having a chat with us, Kristofer. We’re sure our readers would love to know so much about you!

    K: Thanks for this interview and KEEP beaROCKING!

    You can check out Kris' new single, "Love Me" at his official youtube channel:

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Enter and WIN a full season 'Damages' DVD and Soundtrack!

    BeaRockr, in association with The Renegade Post, bring forth an amazing opportunity for all our readers!

    Here's your chance to WIN a full season 3 DVD and a digital copy of the amazing soundtrack album of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning programs, “Damages”!

    The album features 10 tracks all of which were featured in a past season or will be featured on this upcoming fourth season, including the much talked about theme song - The VLA’s “When I Am Through With You.” The soundtrack also includes an exclusive remix of Fitz & The Tantrums’ “Breakin’ The Chains of Love” and an exclusive version of Ed Harcourt’s “Shadowboxing.”

    The talented artists who contributed to the soundtrack include: Ed Harcourt, Fitz & The Tantrums, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Greg Laswell, Hellsongs, The VLA, Sea of Bees, Phontaine, My Goodness, and Vic Thrill.

    All you have to do is fill up the form below and we'll be randomly choosing one winner who'd receive the Season 3 DVD and a digital copy of the full soundtrack album! You just CANNOT miss this chance guys!

    Contest ends 20th of August! So hurry up, enter now!

    You can also Subscribe to The Renegade Post by Email to stay updated with the latest news and views around the world!

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Keester: A MUST LISTEN headbanging album!

    We got down to hear out another album by Jeff Jones' band, Keester, and I must say, it was actually one of the best things I did!

    The album began with a track titled 'Get it again', and as the name says, I had to really get it again! What a way to start, simply perfect. I'm a fan of Jeff Jones' riffs! This track raised my excitement and expectations from the album to a whole new level!

    'Nothing at all' had a similar riff but a pinch of variety as well. The bass was amazing in this one. The next track, 'Alone' turned out to be a headbanging track packed with a powerful guitar solo! 'I like it this way' had a different riff, and as usual, I just cant get enough of Jeff Jones riffs whatsoever! Even the bassline rocked! It took me back to the 80s era.

    Made up my mind' began with a power packed intro, with the vocals blending perfectly with the sound. All the musicians are damn amazing! I could feel a taste of the Scorpions in 'Stand beside you', not exactly in the riff but just the sound of the guitar. I wouldn't hesitate to categorize this song as a powerful hard rock ballad! Though the vocals could have been improvised a bit.

    'Lets get high' stunned me with a sudden change in the genre! The tempo of each song is notably good. A bit of punk, and a bit of glam, this album is turning out to be amazing folks! If you haven't heard Jeff Jones, you have missed something to say the least.

    The next track 'Don't know a damn thing' wasa heavy metal, well balanced track with a potential to dominate the listener's mind! I liked the title of the next song, 'Pathetic' as they called it. The drums were worth a listen in this one!

    Rock n roll was back with a different punch in 'I wanna be somebody' and 'I hate you', and the album couldn't get a better ending out of 'Nowhere' !

    Overall, the album was damn amazing! Pure rock n roll stuff, this is a must listen for any rock fanatic. This album deserves a place on your iPods!

    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    The Finger: An Indie rock act to watch out!

    Well, now its hard to imagine just a small little finger playing music, but that's what I just got to hear! Yes folks, this is about an indie-rock band who call themselves, 'The Finger', and for their music, I'd definitely like to give them a thumbs up!

    The Finger has 5 members:

    Noukas Sotiris
    Azas Sakis
    Nick Ditsias
    Andreas Haralanis

    I got to hear their debut single titled 'Die! Die Superhero!', and I must say, these guys ROCK! The progressive song began with a meaningful intro, a familiar voice but Lia's got the uniqueness in her vocals that I liked a lot! An appreciable guitar rhythm, well balanced drums and good sound recording: They had it all! Though the bass could have been a bit better and I was actually expecting a meaningful guitar solo too, but lets just wait for the whole album guys! It's sure gonna be a treat to your ears!

    Check them out right here:

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Atari Teenage Riot: Never Gone!

    Atari Teenage Riot have ensured one thing over the years- There is no way you can ignore them! The band that was among the pioneers of rock-techno-punk scene returns in 2011 with there 4th Studio Album Is This Hyperreal? and boy do they pack a punch! Not many bands can boast of such a comeback after a 12 year break but then not many bands do the sort of stuff that ATR do anyways. They mashed together the kind of music which was unheard of at that time and even taboo.

    On music forums all over the internet, people had expressed apprehension about the band’s future after the death of MC Carl Crack in 2001 in unfortunate circumstances. People were almost resigned to the fact that no more new gigs were possible after that. But ATR have proved many a detractor wrong with an album that follows the path and standards that they themselves had set.

    The rebuilding process started with the introduction of MC CX KiDTRONiK. They then released their new track “Activate” online that had people going gaga over another new Atari Revolution! The album starts with the same song as well and we see an energy and pro-anarchist spirit that we are so used to. ATR however are mainly remembered for the political themes (Remember Burn,Berlin,Burn?) and they once again do not deviate from that path. Re-Arrange your Synapses is where you get your money’s worth as they take Nic’s and CX’s heavy vocals to a whole new level. The beat is slower than usual but that adds to the effect.

    Overall, they are back and ATR just reminded us how important it is to get your identity straight before doing anything. They regrouped, reformed and now are back for good. Watch out!

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    GRADINATA NORD : Valtellina boyz

    The northern Italian band you thought you would never see again is back after 8 years since its first album with 9 pieces (Valtellina boyz, La frangia dei cattivi, Una birra al nait, Ancora al braccio, Gradinata Rock, Valley sleazy girls, Palla al centro, Sciatera Beach nightmare and R.S. Army) – all written in 2002-03, but recently re-recorded – for a total of around 40 minutes of Hard/Street/Oi!/Rock.

    The first track in the album had a headbanging riff throughout, heavy vocals, and just the perfect match of bass and beats. I was actually expecting the kind of variation they did towards the end.

    The next one started off at a low volume, showcasing good use of dynamics in the intro, followed by a nice lick on the guitar. The backing vocals were awesome in this one. The guitar parts in between were well balanced with the overall rhythm. What I loved most was an exclusive bass solo with the drums in the later part of this track. Great piece!

    The intro of the third track reminded me of the Scorpions! The drums did a great job throughout, at a constant, fast tempo. I loved the sweep and tap guitar solos in this one.

    The riff in the fourth track was awesome! The vocal section was also done well. I was actually looking for something different now, and that's what I got in the next track, which had a great beginning. The distortion was reduced, and the vocals stressed more. I pretty much loved this track ! The synth joined in too at the end. A well balanced, much needed track at the right time !

    Again a cool intro in the next track made me stand up and bang my head as hard as I could. This was so full of energy. The next one had a similar intro, though I wanted them to have done something without distortion too. The composition wasn't bad at all though, but a clean track would have done wonders! When I reached the tiny guitar solo towards the end, that lightened me up. I liked the effect used.

    I was so happy when I reached the last track! It seemed all my wishes came true. It began beautifully on the piano, with a vocal narration Then came in the distorted guitars and beats out with a bang ! An awesome composition folks ! The chorus vocals were also great. This track was my favorite! I was left hitting the rewind button on this one several times ! The recording, the rhythm, the beats, the vocals; all were just too good. I couldn't have asked for a better ending, though, the guitar licks in the end were quite amateurish and could have been avoided.

    For all fans of Gradinata Nord, this album is worth it guys ! Check out their website :

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    You Ought to get 'Spaced' out !

    After having reviewed guitarist, songwriter and producer, Jeff Jones' album 'RockHard' , I was so eager to hear out more of his music. And I did. We got hold of his album called 'Spaced', which undoubtedly, is a completely awesome Hard Rock haven, yet again.

    The album got off to an excellent start with 'Queen of Hollywood', which began with a cool Rock n Roll riff. Excellent vocals, and a completely balanced track. Sounded like a power ballad of the 80s era. PERFECT is the word. 'No Satisfaction Blues' gave me a taste of the Scorpions, AC/ DC, a bit of Def Leppard too.This song sounded like it was influenced from a hell lot of bands. But I'm much a fan now of the riffs and the rhythm section of this album. 'Hell To pay' was a bit different from the previous tracks, with a dominating heavy riff, though with lesser variety in the vocals.

    All of us Rock fanatics surely miss the riffs of the 70's and 80's, with not many bands belting out such styles, but its so good to have artists like Jeff who are capable of producing those headbanging hard riffs all over again. Moving on to the next track, 'Addiction', and just again, another bloody damn COOL riff. Not only the riff but the mixing and mastering of these tracks are absolutely perfect. I had to hit the Play button again and again on this one !

    The drums and bass were the highlights in 'Resurrecting', while the track 'Control' finally had an intro with the bass, and the overall rhythm was powerfully controlled by the bassist. Now this riff reminded me of Deep Purple. Reaching the next one called 'Not your love', I could surely say the style is changing, with the band putting a lot more variety in the album. Even the guitar solo really matched with the song title!

    'Hate me' had a metal sounding riff unlike others, and in 'Miss tragedy', sometimes I could feel a Def leppard style in the vocals and also a lot of inspiration. But its good to have a return of power ballads. Moving further to 'Bad motor girl', I personally was looking for a 'clean' track, maybe on the acoustic. So it got a bit bore for me, but nevertheless, the mind blowing riffs kept me going !

    'Bad Love' pretty much was the best riff of this album for me. This riff was a lot original and creative. The album finally ended well with 'Underground', with a good job done on the drums, though the distortion could have been a bit low I suppose.

    Summing up, except missing out on an acoustic track, this album is 'Riff-fully' amazing ! You just CANNOT miss out on these power packed riffs. It was like a journey back in time to the Rock n Roll era of our idols: Deep Purple, AC/DC and Def Leppard to mention a few.
    Your neck would pain at the end. Trust me. It's wilder than you think.
    Go get the album at iTunes, and check out their website :

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    This Rolling Stone Mag's cover is yours. Go choose it folks!

    The Rolling Stone Magazine's 'Do you wanna be a rock n roll star' is in its LAST and FINAL stage, with two bands left to compete for the moment of their lives.

    It is 'The SheepDogs' V/s 'Lelia Broussard'. Now, the two will duke it out live at Bonnaroo in an epic battle of the bands. The act with the most votes this round will win a record contract with Atlantic; play live on Jimmy Fallon; AND be the first-ever unsigned band to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. There is a lot at stake, and there can only be one winner!

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    My Education/Theta Naught: Sound Mass album Review

    With a mere five tracks, I was at first tempted to call the My Education/Theta Naught album an EP. But further investigation led me to realize those five tracks make up 52 minutes and 18 seconds of well-crafted and detail-orientated music; I’d say that’s significantly more than an EP.

    The album is an improvisational collaboration effort between both Theta Naught (Salt Lake City, UT) and My Education (Austin, TX). The lineup behind this album is :

    James Alexander - viola
    Briawna Anderson - harp
    Darren Corey - drums
    Henna Chou - cello
    Chris Hackstie - pedal steel
    Josh Ogzewalla - guitar
    Brian Purington - guitar
    Ryan Stanfield - bass, saw, banjo
    Chris Stelly - drums
    Scott Telles - bass

    The 17-minute opening track (creatively titled “Careful With That Saw, Ryan”) begins gently, creating a peaceful and soothing soundscape. Halfway through, timid distortions on stringed instruments interrupt the tranquil sounds as the track gains momentum with the introduction of guitar and percussion. It climaxes with a marching drum beat and fluctuating instrumentals as calm as it opens with, but with more drive and definition.

    Track two, “Nonet”, sounds more like a rock song than ambient sounds. Snares, bass, and strings open the song, riding the fence between an alternative rock interlude and more of the beautiful music from the album’s epic opening track. Following similar structure to “Careful With That Saw, Ryan”, “Nonet” opens lightly and builds to a climax, then instruments once again drop out until the music simply dissolves.

    The album’s third and fifth songs, “A Casual Show For Yachting” and “Salt Lake City Film Society”, offer little diversity from “Nonet”, excluding stronger strings and edgier electric guitar. File them both under the umbrella of “easy listening”.

    “Communion” is the album’s best track, incorporating the most noticeable amount of instrumentation and taking a few extra steps outside of their traditional sound. It’s ambient (My Education’s norm), but guitar plays a heavy role, noodling around on the song’s meatiest segment and finally meeting expectations of a band that defines themselves as a “rock” band.

    In my opinion, it’s a stretch to call Sound Mass a rock album, though select elements of the genre are certainly present. Rather than exciting listeners to get up and dance, the mega chill tunes instead offer a universally appealing sound that’s more entertaining than elevator music, but could easily function as exactly that. It’s ideal for those who need something engaging to listen to while doing homework or writing a report but can’t be distracted by lyrics. And personally, I found the new age instrumentals to be particularly relaxing while lying in the tanning bed.

    Both the artists' extensive cabinet of instrumentation is put to good use with proficient songwriting skills on Sound Mass. It’s not your next workout album or summer anthem music, but it will help you relax and ease the fast pace of life.

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    The Turtles are back to their Research with ManKiller !

    When I heard that Research Turtles were comin’ out with a new EP called 'Mankiller' , I was anxious to see what direction the band would take. The direction in which a band after an astounding debut album , decides to stick to the ‘winning’ formula and stagnate the sound without experimenting with various styles or the direction in which a band keeps belting out tracks at an unrelenting passion alongwith progressing sound – wise after every release .

    Research Turtles , I’m happy to say , fall in the latter category . While their self titled debut effort was more of garage influenced stuff , this EP blends pop punk with Britpop to create a unique sound of its own . It’s not as if the garage influences have been totally knocked out , but they have seamlessly combined these genres together to actually create good stuff .

    For those who don’t know , Research Turtles is a four – piece act consisting of Jud Norman on the vocals and bass guitars , Joseph Darbonne and Logan Fontenet on the guitars and Blake Thibodeaux handling the drum duties . Although their first album might have had critics debating on Jud's lesser variety in his vocals, this EP shuts them so frigging tight . Jud’s bass playing along with Blake’s skin slamming capabilities form the impeccable rhythm section which is perfectly supplemented by Joseph’s and Logan’s guitaring . Though this album doesn’t emphasize on the solo aspect of guitar playing , it experiments with guitar effects and layers .

    The EP begins with a small song named ‘Girl Like You’ which is the softest track of the EP , with Jud singing with an acoustic guitar playing in the background . Next up , is a track called ‘You Are So’ which kicks off in a true Research Turtles style . The song is energetic , to say the least , and Jud’s bass playing is also commendable . ‘Bugs In a Jar‘ is a soothing track with an infectiously catchy chorus and a pop like quality of the song makes it one of the best songs in the EP . Following this is the title track , ‘Mankiller’ , which displays the change in direction (sound – wise) aptly. The bass playing is very groovy in this track . Jud shows that he cannot be stereotyped into a specific vocal range while Joseph’s and Logan’s Guitar work is aggressive , somewhat punk – ish , and Blake’s drumming is very impressive , to say the least . The EP ends with the track ‘Rhinestone Gal’ , which is my favorite track from the EP . This track is a belter of a track due to the presence of sheer amount of energy the listener can feel while listening to it . Guitar effects are very well complemented by Blake’s tight drumming . The last 40 seconds are the best part of the song , with a headbanging like quality about it .

    My final advise to you all – DO NOT STARE at your screen. Go buy it and hell yeah , you are gonna love it.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    THE CHAIN-A story of music maniacs!

    Tribute bands are all about love. At least that’s how I see it. You encounter music that drives you crazy and before you know it, you’re in a trance that’s going to be with you till you bid the blue planet adieu. People look back at the 60’s and the 70’s and even parts of the early 80’s as the time where music finally evolved. Some people call it the Golden era; others merely remember it to be the time when “real music” happened. Fleetwood Mac was part of the same revolution and are major stakeholders in the change that we witnessed in that era. THE CHAIN are a similar bunch; they love Fleetwood Mac and are going to make sure people recognize, remember and most importantly enjoy the music the legendary British-American band were famous for.

    THE CHAIN started out as Harder Edge in 1991 and comparisons to Fleetwood Mac have been rampant ever since. Be it facial resemblance to even the style of music they played, it’s basically been hard to ignore. So they decided a few years ago that they were ready for the next step-the same bunch of guys coming together under a new name to belt out tracks by their idols. In concert, these guys perform with an intensity that leaves people spellbound. The passion that they resonate as they swing about in their FM attire is epic.

    And don’t mistake them to be novices. With years of music under their belt and a sound understanding of what people expect and what they stand for, they have turned into one among the best tribute bands on the scene. Never have they performed for a crowd that hasn’t been sold out or walked out of a place without the crowd going bonkers and swaying to their beats. They’ve done gigs at Hard Rock Cafe, Trib Amphitheater, Convention Centers and even performed for a private, "Real" English Royalty Party!

    So let’s meet the band!
    Founder - Jim (Doc) Stamps –( Mick Fleetwood), Drums/Percussion
    Kimmy Scholl – (Stevie Nicks), Lead Singer
    Rob Gamerro - (John McVie), Bass
    Sandy Anderson – (Christine McVie), Keyboards & Vocals
    Keith Cole – (Jeremy Spencer), Guitar & vocals
    Tony Acker – (Lindsey Buckingham), Guitar & Vocals
    To those confused, the name in the parenthesis is the Fleetwood Mac artist they portray.
    Check these guys out at or you can even check out their blog at
    Also, you can see them LIVE at Hard Rock Café, Pittsburgh on June 11. You can buy tickets via Ticketmaster.

    It’s all about the love people.

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Jeff Jones' RockHard: A Die-Hard HeadBanging Album!

    We recently got to hear guitarist, songwriter and producer Jeff Jones' album 'RockHard', featuring his music with the band 'St. Elmos', as well other acts he was associated with. Jeff was a founding member of St. Elmos Fire and was also in Vamp le Stat from 1993- 1995 during the “Bloodline” era.

    The album began with a glam rock headbanging soundtrack in 'Gonna get wild', and well, its actually true to its title too ! Next up was a classic rock piece, 'Madame blue' which had a nice change in the vocals and great harmonization.

    'Mississippi wine' was filled with uber clean guitaring, a nice pattern and a great acoustic sound, that are perfectly well recorded. The guitar riff and vocals in the track 'Caught in the heartbreak' were so wonderful in bringing forth the emotions in the song. Jeff's voice showed the expressions and the drums showed the power. The bass maintained the balance in between very well. Excellent coordination !

    'Don't Drop it' had a different beginning from the rest, and it was actually a welcome change that even I was expecting to see at some point in the album, though the drums didn't amuse me much.

    Well yeah, Guitar players must have heard of 'Overdrive' in their pedals, but how about 'Powerdrive' ? That's what the next track is called! An awesome hard Riff, creative guitaring. excellent vocals and a powerful chorus sums up this track. Moving on to 'Hot n' love', technically speaking, this one's a strong soundtrack with a very power packed rhythm section.

    'Into the night' was kinda my favorite in terms of the intros in other songs of the album.
    'Warning from the sky' had an even more rocking intro, but later on, it lost the charm, but the chorus vocals turned out to be amazing.

    The album then finally got off to a rock n roll finish with 'Breaking Out', loaded with a very impressive, strong, and speedy intro and amazing drum rolls. I bet you'll be rewinding the intro a lot many times in this one!

    Well, Overall, this album is a MUST for a Rock n Roll fanatic. Power packed riffs, headbanging rhythm, and amazing vocals: What else were you craving for, eh ?

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Go get The Trews "Hope and Ruin" album on your iPods!

    Canada's THE TREWS had just released their fourth full-length studio album, Hope & Ruin. The album is a level-raising evolution for the Toronto-based rock band with two gold records, ten top-10 singles and 800-plus concerts logged. The album is currently NOTEWORTHY at iTunes and the title track is #7 at Active Rock in Canada.

    The Trews, comprising of lead vocalist Colin MacDonald, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, drummer Sean Dalton and bassist Jack Syperek, are without doubt, one of the BEST rock groups of this era.

    We got down to listen to their album, and well, just the first track was enough to get me hooked!

    First up was a track called 'Burned', having a very peppy rhythm, nice lyrics and lots of creativity. It's really impressive and much beautiful. Next was 'Dreaming man'. Their excellent skills were evident in each and every moment of this track.

    The title track 'Hope and Ruin' had a good riff, but the song is very high on the emotional aspect. Colin has an exquisite voice and even the lyrics had a certain feel to it. The next song, 'If you wanna start again' actually made me wanna play it all over again ! A pleasant intro, and beautiful, original music dominates it right till the end.

    I was pretty touched while listening to 'I'll find someone who will'. Now that's what you call an amazing Vocalist! I don't think I've heard such a vocal performance in the recent past at all, even though I have actually been looking for such an amazing quality.

    Well, moving on to the track called 'Misery loves company', I was actually amused at the wonderful, unique titles they have for each track. Now that's creativity at its BEST ! The song 'One by one' began with a very soothing intro. Though I thought the vocals to be a bit out of place, but still it sounds too good. I was forced to get up and dance along !

    'People of the deer' was much different from the rest of the songs in the album, and that's what I loved about it. The next one, 'Stay with me' is a simple song with a simple meaning and even simple lyrics, but it has a certain depth to it and thats what made it so pleasant.

    Then with a powerful riff in 'The World I know', the album ended with a very romantic feel in 'You gotta let me in'.

    Summing up, this album is just PERFECT, and so is the band ! I have the whole album on my iPod, and I bet yours too would crave for these tracks once you hear them out.

    The Trews are planning to tour the U.S. in June. Look up their website for details :

    Check out this video of the track 'Hope & Ruin' below:

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Your Chance to Win an Official Rolling Stone Tee Shirt !

    Folks, here's your chance to WIN a cool OFFICIAL ROLLING STONE Tee Shirt !

    The Tshirt has been sponsored as a part of the Rolling Stone's ongoing contest: "Do You wanna be a Rock & Roll Star", where 16 unsigned bands were chosen initially, and the contest is now down to just 4 bands! And it is YOU who can get one of them to the COVER of the Rolling Stone magazine, by just your VOTE !

    So, Come on ! Check out the artists and choose your favorite right here :

    To Enter into our Contest,

    Just compose an email with "Rolling Stone Contest" as the subject and in the body, type in your Name, Nationality, and complete the following sentence in your own words:

    "Rock Music for me is ... "

    Then, just send it to us at :


    *Contest is open to our readers of all Nationalities.

    *Contest ends on 8th May 2010.

    *Winners would be announced on 10th May 2010 on this Blog and our Fan Page.

    *Only 1 entry per person is allowed. Multiple entries may lead to disqualification.

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    The Dave Goddess Group: A 'Classic' Rock Act!

    Classic rock is a dying genre in today’s music scenario. Bands playing alternative rock / metal , grunge and hard rock are present by more than a dozen everywhere . Be it radio , television or the internet …they’re everywhere .

    So what does a classic rock fan listen nowadays ? Well , they either wander off to new genres or their music collection stops expanding , their music players stuck in a loop. Listening to records of Bruce Springsteen , Led Zeppelin , Thin Lizzy , Pink Floyd , Deep Purple, The Doors and many others.

    Well, thankfully, the Dave Goddess Group brings life back to a dying genre with their album ‘Something New’! The Dave Goddess Group is a four piece act consisting of Dave Goddess on the vocals as well as the guitar . Tom Brobst is a multi – instrumentalist who plays the keyboard , saxophone , trumpet and the flute with equal finesse . The Bazylek brothers , Mark and Tom , take care of the rhythm section pretty damn good . Mark’s excellent bass playing is evident throughout the album and Tom’s tight drumming forms the backbone of the band , who shifts between high energy songs like ‘Something New’ and ballads like ‘The First Lie’ with ease .

    The album begins with the title track ‘Something New’ which has a nice classic rock riff to begin the album with . The vocals are good and though Dave doesn’t have much variety in his vocal range , he manages to pull it off very well with his smart lyrics . Next up is a track named ‘Call Of The Wild’ . Guitar work is exemplary throughout the album and this song is a perfect example of that . Wah – wah guitar effects are thrown in along with guitar solos , which makes the listening experience so good. This song would sound great as a soundtrack of an Animal Planet documentary .

    ‘Sweet Miss Understanding’ : A single sentence conveying multiple meanings. This track is a typical classic rock song with keyboards forming the background rhythm section and a small guitar solo in the middle. Catchy rhythm section coupled with saxophone , trumpets and keyboards dominate the song. I knew I was gonna love this one just from the intro itself !

    ‘Lucky Guy’ stands out in the album due to the presence of a mid – section where only the drums and bass are present and a saxophone solo joins them . A groovy bassline dominates the song. Addition of trumpets is a pleasant surprise in 'It's about love'.

    As the album progresses , it progresses towards the softer side of the musical spectrum . ‘The First Lie’ is a track on the mellower side of things . Violins and flutes also make their presence felt . The guitar solo is wonderful as well !

    A single album featuring a variety of instruments alongside a traditional rock and roll setup is indeed so refreshing, and infact, so rare! ‘Love Over Blue’ is a perfect example of combining various instruments & still be able to retain the rock feel . Dave Goddess is a complete package of good vocals and guitar riffs. This is time and again evident in the album . ‘Better Man’ is a ballad about being sorry & promising to be a better man after a horrible mistake has been committed . The song ends with an amazing guitar solo .

    The lyrics of ‘Cant Fight Sitting Down’ are aggressive , unlike all the other songs present in the album . The album finally ends with a song named ‘I Can Dream’ which is a nice track to finish the album .

    Well, the members have perfect coordination throughout, and each of them is awesome on their respective instruments. Though, due to so many tracks in the album, I expected it to be less on variety, but I got just the opposite! Each song had 'something new' in it, and I was hooked on to it right till the end !

    All in all , this album is your quintessential classic rock record . Though the album gets a little repetitive at times , in terms of structure and music , it is a statement that screams ‘classic rock is not dead’ . As long as bands like Dave Goddess Group are existing , classic rock is far from being dead . Go get it folks, Its indeed "Something New" !

    Check out this video of rocker Dave Goddess talking briefly about the fight for relevance and the longing to create Something New.

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    From Rock n Roll, to Hope & Ruin !

    For those of you wondering what this is all about, It's The Trews' fourth full-length studio album: Hope & Ruin, due out on The Trews Records on April 12 ! It is much of a level-raising evolution for the Toronto-based rock band with two gold records, 10 top-10 singles and 800-plus concerts logged.

    Just to get a feel of what the album would be like, Check out their self-titled single :

    Loaded with a super cool riff, awesome vocals, and a perfect head banging rhythm, I couldn't keep myself from watching the video again and again, humming all along! Recorded live-off-the-floor, they captured lightning in a bottle, resulting in a sound that is raw, electric and igniting.

    The Trews, owing to their original sound and amazing musicality, seem to be, arguably one of the BEST rock artists of the current era.

    Check out their official website : THE TREWS

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    These Unknown Bands Need your Help to get on The Rolling Stone Mag !

    Hey y'all Rock Music fans,

    Rolling Stone's “Do You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star?” competition is now in its second round, with just 8 bands remaining.

    The competition seeks to find one of the best new bands in the country, through a series of elimination rounds. The winning band gets themselves on a Rolling Stone cover and a recording deal with Atlantic Records. Thousands of fans have already cast their votes, but the competition is just heating up, as they've just narrowed the pool down to these eight:

    Mod Sun
    Skyler Stonestreet
    Lelia broussard
    Romany rye

    Check out videos of the bands reacting to the good news on Skype here.

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    You Gotta Watch The Boxing Lesson Right Now !

    What's up Folks ? I just got to watch a COOL new video just released by The Boxing Lesson for their song "Three" from Fur State.

    It's an upbeat electronic number, and right from the beginning till the end, you're sure to be up on your feat, dancing all around on its foot-tapping rhythm and beat throughout the song.

    Check it out :

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Now That's What We Call a Rock Mandolin !

    Folks, Now this is really a creative band called "The Poland Invasion", and though the name's got nothing to do with the World War 2, they actually got named after its founder, Jen Poland, who also happens to be the vocalist and the Lead 'Mandolinist' too ( Yes, she plays the Mandolin, on DISTORTION ! ).

    Not only does the band feature an electric distorted mandolin as a lead instrument, an animal on drums, and a groovy bass, but all members are film makers. As of now, there are six members in the band and all of them have been actively producing films and videos for the last few years.

    I got to watch two of their music videos, and I must say, I quite liked the sound of the Mandolin on distortion. Now that's something different, something unique, and that's exactly what these guys are all about. Following are those videos to check out :

    This track, "Ice house" had a really nice 'rock n roll' riff, an amazing blend of the mandolin and the guitar. Though I'd have to say that the vocals were not as good as the music is, but nevertheless, I liked it much! Throughout the song, the bass is very well maintained. And finally, the Mandolin solo brought out a 70's touch into the track.

    "I got something" has an awesome Bassline, with some really well balanced drums. The rhythm throughout this song is very strong. Overall, I'd say that this was an amazing track.

    Overall Rating: 8 on 10 !

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    Blaas of Glory to Shoot their New Video at the Strychnin Gallery, Berlin!

    On March 20th the Dutch monsters of acoustic entertainment, Blaas of Glory - Heavy Metal Marching Band, will shoot their video to Enter Venus at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.

    Enter Venus is Blaas of Glory's second single of their current album Highway to Hell. Armed with sousaphone, flute, clarinet, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion, washboard, acoustic guitars, snare and bass drums as well as a lot of powerful vocals this ensemble reinterprets and recreates works by artists such as Van Halen, Europe, Metallica, Iron Maiden or Motörhead and brings the rock'n'roll experience to a whole new level.

    For this upcoming video shoot Blaas of Glory will get support from various
    specialists of different fields. Among them are Dutch actor Tygo Gernandt, artists Skeleton Heart and Daniël van Nes as well as director Judy Jacob and producer Yasha Young.