Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Breaks from the Border' by The New Mastersounds!

If I had to describe The New Mastersounds' latest album in four words (I don't have to, but I will because well--why not), I'd choose: pristine, smug, fresh, distinguished.

And, if the album were an animal, it'd be a lioness. Sarabi (Simba's mom in The Lion King), to be precise.The British funk quartet's new album is just boss. And there's more good news where that came from: they'll be playing at the Bear Creek Festival in Florida this upcoming November. So pack up your coolers, deluxe lawn chairs with cup holders, a canopy or two, sunscreen, buy your tickets early and leave the haters behind.

Oh, and pick up Breaks from the Border first. Did I mention that it's great?


This album is clean, from beginning to end. It opens with the track Take What You Need, featuring super smooth, groovy bass lines, subtle yet shouty vocals, catchy riffs and mild distortion. The guitarist's precise and technical picking continues throughout the entire album and is undeniably present in tracks like Run The Gauntlet and my personal favorite, Freckles.

The drumming is also light, but powerful. It's the perfect blend of a rolling, tapping jazzy type drumming style with a solid vintage-like thumping. The two methods meld seamlessly into a neatly tied package of drumming bliss.


The New Mastersounds are confident in the superiority of their sound-- and it shows. The lyrics are simple and work in conjunction with, instead of against, the trim sound of the instruments. The collective sounds on this album never fight for attention. Songs like Passport and Up In The Air display the band's smooth sound and sleek talent without being overly showy. The album as a whole has an air of utter correctness, making it impossible to imagine any of these four guys ever playing a sour note, producing a sloppy tune or spilling Ranch into the Italian dressing at a salad bar. Wait, what?


This album is fresh to death. Which, according to urban dictionary means inexplicably good. And that's not a phrase I use often (or ever).

The album is also fresh in the sense that every song is it's own sound. Sure, the entire thing is a cohesive piece of work, but the constant shift in tempo, the switch to an occasional reggae/ska style and the overall pacing of the album keeps your interest piqued throughout. Just when you've gotten comfortable with the smooth drumming and technical guitar riffs, they'll switch it up by picking up the tempo, throwing in a piano or changing the vocal style. On the Border, a slow, bass-y piano ballad, comes right on the heels of a fast track then transitions into something more upbeat. Can You Get It has the charm of a song from a rambling jam-band while instrumental tracks like Josus offer a surprising change from the sultry vocals.


Few artists can pull of what the Mastersounds are able to in this album. They easily master the 'vintage' feel of older rock and mix it effortlessly with jazz influences, among others. They change the tempo in nearly every song, sing when they feel like it, reference countless musical styles-- and they do it well.

The end song of this album is the shiny bow on top of a perfectly wrapped gift. It's reminiscent of everything that makes the listening experience enjoyable. It's a super chill, smooth ending to a super chill, smooth album.

It's Festival Time

The Bear Creek Music Festival will be in Live Oak, Florida on November 10-13th and The New Mastersounds are in there like swimwear. Get your favorite concert buddies, your lawn chairs and your canopy and go watch them folks! You just can't miss them!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Interview: Renowned guitarist, vocalist and GMC founder, Kristofer Dahl!

We recently got a chance to interact with ace guitarist and musician, Kristofer Dahl, best known for being the FOUNDER of the online forum: GuitarMasterClass(popularly known as GMC). Kristofer's first website was created in 2005, from which he gradually moved on to GMC.

This interview is a must read for all aspiring guitarists to get to know Kris' secrets and get inspired!

BeaRockr: Hello Kristofer, It’s a pleasure to having you answer some of our questions as the day I was introduced to GMC, I’ve seriously been a fan of your music, and much more, your online ventures. Here’s a series of a few questions we’d love you to talk to us about!

Thanks a lot, it's a pleasure to have you onboard! I am looking forward to speaking to you at GMC as well!

B: Who or what inspired you to take up the guitar? Are you from a musical background?

K: Neither of my parents play an instrument - and no one in my family has been able to teach me any music. I first discovered metal and pop music in my early teens and then later on guitarists like Yngwie and Marty Friedman. That's when I decided to get serious about the guitar!

B: What did it take for you to reach your current level of guitar playing? We’d love to hear out your secrets behind your creativity and those rapid fingers of yours!

K: Hehe well the fast fingers are just a matter of looong practice sessions with the metronome! Creativity is much more tricky - and I would say that the key is to get to know yourself as a human being.
Many people don't really know themsleves: What are your true fears, strengths, goals and inspirations? When you know what works for you, you can achieve a proper balance and live a creative & inspired lifestyle.

B: You started up with and gradually moved on to the very popular What prompted you to start up an online guitar teaching site/forum, rather than forming your own rock band?

K: Well rock bands sucked! At the time I still had a lot to learn - although I had come a long way as far as chops/soloing goes. I often say that 'not only am I the first instructor at GMC - I am the first student as well'! I still learn so much from just being at GMC...let's face it, the other instructors are extremely skilled!

B: We’ve seen a lot of your videos out on youtube, and well, they are just so amazing to say the least! A lot informative, and inspiring as well. Going by the number of views each of your video gets on an average, you’re actually a YouTube sensation, Kris. How did you achieve such a tremendous fan following ONLINE?

K: I think it's a combination by being backed up by the GMC community - and the fact that I am obsessed with recording videos... I LOVE it! I never produce a video unless I feel strongly for the content and feel that I am going to have a lot of fun while recording, editing and promoting the video.

B: Are you currently playing in some bands too? We’d love to hear about them!

K: Not currently. I hope that by the time I have got enough material to put out an album with songs in the same spirit as 'Love Me' - there will also be an opening for me to start playing in a band again.

B: What gear do you use?

K: My main axes are a Parker Nitefly and a Fender American Deluxe Strat. For this song I used a Mark V amp and a modified Marshall JCM800. I also use a boss DD-3 and an Ibanez TS808 pedal.

B: What are your future projects currently lined up? Any final piece of comments for our readers?

K: I will go wherever music takes me - and I think that's what BeaRockers should do as well. Remain openhearted and you will live a richer life!

B: Thanks for taking out some time in having a chat with us, Kristofer. We’re sure our readers would love to know so much about you!

K: Thanks for this interview and KEEP beaROCKING!

You can check out Kris' new single, "Love Me" at his official youtube channel:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enter and WIN a full season 'Damages' DVD and Soundtrack!

BeaRockr, in association with The Renegade Post, bring forth an amazing opportunity for all our readers!

Here's your chance to WIN a full season 3 DVD and a digital copy of the amazing soundtrack album of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning programs, “Damages”!

The album features 10 tracks all of which were featured in a past season or will be featured on this upcoming fourth season, including the much talked about theme song - The VLA’s “When I Am Through With You.” The soundtrack also includes an exclusive remix of Fitz & The Tantrums’ “Breakin’ The Chains of Love” and an exclusive version of Ed Harcourt’s “Shadowboxing.”

The talented artists who contributed to the soundtrack include: Ed Harcourt, Fitz & The Tantrums, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Greg Laswell, Hellsongs, The VLA, Sea of Bees, Phontaine, My Goodness, and Vic Thrill.

All you have to do is fill up the form below and we'll be randomly choosing one winner who'd receive the Season 3 DVD and a digital copy of the full soundtrack album! You just CANNOT miss this chance guys!

Contest ends 20th of August! So hurry up, enter now!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keester: A MUST LISTEN headbanging album!

We got down to hear out another album by Jeff Jones' band, Keester, and I must say, it was actually one of the best things I did!

The album began with a track titled 'Get it again', and as the name says, I had to really get it again! What a way to start, simply perfect. I'm a fan of Jeff Jones' riffs! This track raised my excitement and expectations from the album to a whole new level!

'Nothing at all' had a similar riff but a pinch of variety as well. The bass was amazing in this one. The next track, 'Alone' turned out to be a headbanging track packed with a powerful guitar solo! 'I like it this way' had a different riff, and as usual, I just cant get enough of Jeff Jones riffs whatsoever! Even the bassline rocked! It took me back to the 80s era.

Made up my mind' began with a power packed intro, with the vocals blending perfectly with the sound. All the musicians are damn amazing! I could feel a taste of the Scorpions in 'Stand beside you', not exactly in the riff but just the sound of the guitar. I wouldn't hesitate to categorize this song as a powerful hard rock ballad! Though the vocals could have been improvised a bit.

'Lets get high' stunned me with a sudden change in the genre! The tempo of each song is notably good. A bit of punk, and a bit of glam, this album is turning out to be amazing folks! If you haven't heard Jeff Jones, you have missed something to say the least.

The next track 'Don't know a damn thing' wasa heavy metal, well balanced track with a potential to dominate the listener's mind! I liked the title of the next song, 'Pathetic' as they called it. The drums were worth a listen in this one!

Rock n roll was back with a different punch in 'I wanna be somebody' and 'I hate you', and the album couldn't get a better ending out of 'Nowhere' !

Overall, the album was damn amazing! Pure rock n roll stuff, this is a must listen for any rock fanatic. This album deserves a place on your iPods!