Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Future Limited: Jascha Hoffman

It was a day , when the sun refused to rise up n lighten up the world . Instead it chose to hide behind the gloomy , dark clouds . I , while drinking coffee , was searching for an album that could match the mood portrayed by the weather . While browsing the internet in my quest for the ‘right’ album, I happened to stumble upon Jascha’s new album ‘The Future Limited’ . 

As I started listening to it from the very 1st track of the album, and 30 seconds into it , I felt as if time had been captured into a limitless period of suspended animation. ‘Limited’ has a very cool , synth induced background which lends the song a geeky-feel. The lyrics seemed weird at first, but as the song progresses, it makes perfect sense. The music blends perfectly with the seemingly odd lyrics .

 For those who don’t know, who Jascha is, He is a gifted singer-songwriter , who composes left-of-centre pop with a hint of rock and loads of catchy and cerebral lyrics that focus on time, space, death, science fiction etc., which does seem weird at first but once you hear it , you see the big picture. Jascha appeals to those people who are tired of listening to the lame pop artists existing in today’s radios and televisions . Intelligent and laid back are the key words here to describe Jascha’s sound . The album is a laid back journey to some of the most impressive soundscapes I’ve come across in recent times .

 The album’s 2nd track ‘The Future’ is a mellow track which uses vocal sampling to create a progressive aura around it . ‘Copter’ has an orchestral section thrown in between for good measure . By this time, the clouds were crying their heart out , the song perfectly capturing the mood I was in. ‘Intuition’ is in a similar feel zone. Musically , it’s simple but the emotions generated after listening to it calms the time around you . ‘Lamb Sandwich’ is just Jascha and his piano crooning about, well ….. a lamb sandwich . ‘Get Up’ is a pop rock tune which talks about getting well when being sick, confined to the bed. ’Love’ is the shortest tune of the album , clocking in at an astonishing 15 seconds! ‘I Need You Tiny’ is a surprising end to this album , considering the mellow nature of the album . The song is uptempo , happy and almost goes against the flow dictated by the earlier tracks . It has a cool guitar solo in the end, showing that Jascha is comfortable with punk as well as pop.

 This album is NOT meant to be heard when you are busy with your chaotic life . It’s meant to be heard when you’re in an introspective mood or when you are in suspended animation. Both ways it’s gonna sound awesome ! Kudos to Jascha for playing left-of-centre pop , which appeals to people who like to introspect and don’t feel too good while listening to the usual ‘normal’ pop stuff. You have to give this a listen, and believe me, you're gonna love it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, how about 'listening' to the 'Moonlight' for a change?

'A hard working guitar based rock band' as they like to call themselves, Lilygun is a London-based band comprising of Anna-Christina as the Songwriter/Guitars/Vocals, Belle on the Drums and James Ford on the Guitar.

Having released their second single called 'Moonlight', the band is working on releasing their debut EP later this year itself! Listening to the song, it begins with a soothing plucking intro backed by some really pleasant vocals that sets your mood right in the 'midnight' mode where you put on your headphones and raise the volume by a leap to get immersed in the track completely. The song then progresses to a hard, heavy-distorted tone that somewhere reminded me of Lacuna Coil too for a while.

Anna's vocals in the chorus are fabulous and well synchronised with the rhythm and percussions, though I'm a bit not used to a very heavy distortion, but James did a good job with it. The last part of the track got the perfect ending with some nice, enchanting guitar harmonics that I was expecting as well.

 Summing up, the track is sure true to its title, 'Moonlight', with commendable vocals, and a good, consistent rhythm, and the atmosphere they are able to create via their music, which was the best part for me indeed! Just wait until they get their album out later this year guys, I'm personally curious enough to see what more Lilygun has in store for us!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

'Father of Loud' Jim Marshall dies aged 88

The world-famous Marshall amplifiers founder Jim Marshall has died aged 88.

Jim Marshall will be remembered alongside the likes of Leo Fender and Les Paul as one of the founding fathers of the modern electric guitar sound, and the most widely noticed brand name that you see on stage in almost any LIVE rock performance.

A tribute has been posted on their official website too.
R.I.P. Jim.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vanaprasta is back with the Effie House Sessions!

Vanaprasta is back !! After the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Healthy Geometry’ won many fans with its eclectic mix of indie with psychedelics, post grunge, ambient electronica , they are back with an EP which promises to up the ante in the next album . With this EP, they go on to show how very versatile they are . Though it contains alternate/acoustic versions of the tunes from their previous release (plus one new track), it doesn’t become monotonous and it very much stands out on its own due to the fabulous arrangement and production of the acoustic sets, courtesy of producer Dave Schiffman’s expertise (of The Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers fame).

This 5 track EP basically showcases their versatility as a band and it sounds more personal due to its acoustic approach. The EP begins with an acoustic version of the track ‘Supernumerary’ which perfectly sets the mood up with a mellow piano riff along with an acoustic guitar. Steven is impressive with his amazing range . Next up is their track called ‘Color of Sin’. The track fits in amazingly in this EP . This tune was intended to be an acoustic tune in the first place , so the quintet pretty much nails this .

‘Healthy Geometry’, the song which shares the same name as their debut album,  has a laid back acoustic version in this EP. The band manages to catch the feel of its chaotic electric version in an acoustic set-up . The acoustic version of ‘Come on’ is my favorite track from this EP . The track has a crescendo-like middle section which absolutely blows you off . The EP closes with an alternate version of ‘Nineequalsnine’ . The track has a smooth transition from its original effects-laden version to a very powerful acoustic version of it.

So, final verdict: The tracks don’t lose their meaning, even when the band is literally stripped off its gear! It’s not entirely an acoustic EP , neither is it entirely electric … but it is in its right mix which stands out. I say, give it a listen folks!