Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Greatest Rock Songs Of The 70's

Now this may be a controversial list, but I've been completely honest with it. So , here are the 10 greatest rock songs of the 70's that every rock fanatic should have heard. These songs are ranked on the basis of their originality, skills and creativity and not on the basis of their popularity. During the 70's there was indeed a huge competition and sorting out 10 songs out of thousands, was quite a herculean task. Here goes:

10. Love Reign O'er Me-

One of the finest compostions ever done by the Who. Most of the people would not agree with me and would instead want 'Don't get cooled away' over here, but this song's composition is unchallengeable and obviously the quality of Roger Daltray's vocals' is outstanding in this one. Daltray's vocals have changed this song into a power-packed masterpiece and why not, its the best rock vocal performance song till date. Keeping the vocals part aside, the intro of this song is also unique. All of the instruments had been used at their best. A fabulous song all together!

9. Highway Star-

During the 70's era, Deep purple rocked the charts but it was 'smoke on the water' which made them heavily famous because of its riff and the song was related to an incident that happened with Frank Zappa. But I consider 'Highway star' as one of the most skillful songs of the 70's. The skillful keyboard solo by John Lord, an exceptional guitar solo by Blackmore and a tight vocal performance by Gillan. This song proves to be a great hard rock piece and very few hard rock bands are there having such exceptional keyboard solos.


8. We will rock you/We are the champions -

The anthem of the 70's and till date. They definitely rocked it in every concert and in every song. And this song has definitely rocked the 70's. Not only the 70's, even now, everybody sings this song and its the most common and amazing Rock Anthem ever.

7. Dream on-

I would say this is the best song of Aerosmith. They rocked the 80's and gave huge hits but I dont think any of their hits can be compared to 'dream on'. One of the finest lyrical, vocal and instrumental piece ever. A different song that emerged during the 70's with a great message; that's why I ranked it 7th in this list of the greatest rock songs of the 70's.

6. La Villa Strangiato-

5. Free bird -

One of the longest guitar solos in rock history. The song goes on and on and on, so fast that I feel they shouldn't stop! Boundless energy and enthusiasm fills the song completely. I 've heard many long guitar solos in many other songs, which start sounding monotonous after a while, but 'Free Bird' is sheer magic. It makes me go crazy everytime I listen to it.

4. Hotel California-

Now this is one song that every guitar player dreams to cover. Well yes, the acoustic version of this song outplayed its original studio recording. A wonderful intro and an amazing guitar solo! The guitar plucking in this song throughout is also commendable. The bass is also worth a mention. It deserves to be at No.4 for being a "Complete Composition" in terms of the instruments which are actually ahead of the vocals.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody-

How about this question : Is there any band out there that can create a song like Bohemian Rhapsody? For me, it is the most unique song in the history of rock. I'm probably at a loss of words on this one. An excellent masterpiece of of Freddie's wonderful vocals. Creativity, uniqueness and originality: this song has got everything. The Guitar Solos and the synthesizer are also very touching. What more can I say. Freddie rules !

2. Comfortably Numb-

A Wonderful Composition altogether and you can feel some kind of magic as the song progresses . While listening to Gilmour's solos, I just travel into a different world. I can feel the pain, the joy and the agony while listening to his solos. This is undoubtedly his best guitar solo. So are the vocals so mesmerizing.

1. Stairway To Heaven-

Now this one certainly needs no description. Simply the best!

Special Mentions :-

Born To Run-Bruce Springsteen, Brown Sugar- Rolling Stones ( I Really Wanted to include these two, but then, I also found it hard to remove any of the above songs in the list! ), Black Magic Woman-Santana, Fleetwood Mac- Go Your Own Way and Lots More.

*** Solo Players Like Eric Clapton and the likes have not been included in this list.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rush- The greatest trio band ever

Formed in 1968 this Canadian band is composed of Geddy lee( vocals, bass and keyboards), Alex Lifeson( guitars) and Neil Peart (drums).This band is higly notable for their instrumental skills and has been considered as one of the most influential bands of the 80's. Their songs contained social and environmental concerns.

This band's main genre is Hard rock and progressive rock. Some of their songs were also considered as metal.

This band influenced bands like Metallica, Dream Theater and Symphony X. Some of their greatest hits are 2112, La Villa Strangiato, Anthem, Xanadu, Spirit Of Radio, Limelight, YYZ etc.

Geddy Lee's bass works are higly acclaimed. Some of Rush's songs where he had shown his Bass skills are YYZ, La Villa Strangiato, Anthem, Cygnus X1, Freewill, Xanadu, Animate, The big money, Distant Early Warning, Limelight........ the list in'st ending. Geddy Lee is ranked 7th in the list of world's greatest bassists. Apart from his bass works he served the band with his high pitched vocals which was once compared with the vocals of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. His low notes were not so strong but he was able to sing at a damn high pitch. He was also recognized for his creative synthesising works.

Coming to Alex Lifeson, his guitar riffs and solo's are quite impressive and skillful. His live performances are unforgettable. Some of his greatest works includes songs like La Villa Strangiato, Working Man, Freewill, YYZ, 2112 etc. His guitar pieces are awesome but yes not comparable to the solo's of Zeppelin's and Purple's. He is ranked 38 in the list of greatest rock guitarists. Its a hard task to cover the solo's of Lifeson.

Finally the drummer of Rush, Neil Peart. Nothing to say about this man. Ranked 1st in the category of greatest rock drummers followed by John Bonham of Led Zepp and 8th in 100 most skilled drummers. His contribution to the songs of Rush makes every song a hardcore package. Some of the songs that every rock drummer should listen of Rush are La Villa Strangiato, By-Tor And The Snow Dog, 2112 and Anthem. Just try to play these songs and your drumming will be improved to a great extent.

These musicians had served us some excellent songs during their period(70's and 80's). Must listen the tracks mentioned above and then you will know why I consider this band as the best trio band. Though the band has been ranked 97 in the list of greatest rock bands but as a trio band no one can challenge them. Their songs include everything, perfect solo's, outstanding bass, exceptionally skillful drumming and sensible and logical lyrics.

Hats off to you guys!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Unleash The Guitar God Within You-- Part -1

'A Good Guitarist Is Not The One Who Can Play 50 notes in 1 second ..... A Good Guitarist Is That Who Can Play just 5 notes That Sound Magical......'

Well well ...... Finally All Secrets Are Going To Be Unveiled ..... Read On If You Are A Guitar Player And Dont just know What it The thing not in you as it is in Eric clapton or slash or jimi hendrix and all your Rock Gods ....

Hmm .... To Start With ...... As I Have Experienced .... A Guitar Player Doesnt Need To Have Any Kind Of Degrees In Paper ..... Or Any Advanced Formal Training ....... Your Solos Must Come From Within and reflect what your feelings are ...... They Must Talk To The World And Express Your Emotions ....... Now Of course - Expressing emotions cant be taught , Right!! .....

Two Most Important Pre-Requisits To Be a True Guitar Player :

1) Be Unique , Be Different, Be Innovative
2) Play Your Emotions On The Guitar .... Play From Your Heart ...

Mr. Steve vai ....... the great "Talking guitarist " , as I call him ....... Has Done Some Wonderful Techniques with his tremolo And So To Say ..... I Respect Him For Being Unique .... Yes ...... You Have To Be Different ...... Steve Vai Too Hasnt Done Much Of Any Guitar Training ( except that he has a degree in tremolo picking ) ....

Another Example Would Be Of Slash ( former GnR Guitarist)
He Started Playing On a 1-String Guitar That his aunt Bought Him .... And Now You All Can Imagine How Hard He Must Have Practiced To Be What He Is Now .....

A Guitar Player Doesnt Need To Play All Those Fast Metal Solos And Sweep Picking And All That Stuff ....... Well I Have Never Seen Eric Clapton Play Some Whacky Fast Solos ....... He Is Undoubtedly a Legend with awsome hits like "layla" and "Tears in heaven"..... his Riffs And Solos Are So Touching And Thats What Makes The Difference ....

But Most Important Is To Be Unique ....... Think Different .... And Play Big .......
Jimi Hendrix ..... The All Time Greatest Guitarist In Rock History ....... Actually To Say .... Even Steve Vai Could Match His Techniques Easily And Do A Better Solo Than Him ........ But Guys guys ...... No One Could Match The Originality Of Hendrix .... He Invented His Own Great Riffs And Solos ...... And Was The First One To Revolutionise Guitaring ...... Expressive Guitaring ( so to say)

I'll Write More Of Some Tips But You May Just Go Through Some Of The Above As For Now .......

For Any Queries ...... Your Comments Are Always Respected .....

So ...... Just Unleash The Guitar God Within You !!!

Part -2 Coming SOON!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spirit- The Forgotten Band Who Gave Stairway To Heaven To Rock ......


Led Zeppelin's Biggest Secret Unveiled Below !!! ......
Their Inspiration Of Stairway To Heaven...

We all have heard the legendary rock song Stairway To Heaven of Led Zeppelin. Its the greatest rock song in the history of rock.

Every guitar player knows how to play that song. But how that song became so popular? What's in that song that makes every rocker crazy?

What Page and Plant have done to the song which makes it so special for everyone? Well, before Zeppelin there was a psychedelic band called Spirit formed in 1967. the band had four members, Randy California( guitar/vocals), Mark Andes (bass), Jay Ferguson ( vocals/ percussion) and Ed Cassidy (drums). Jimmy considered that band quite inspiring for him. Most of the rockers of today's generation might not have even heard about this band. But this band influenced Jimmy page which led him to create the guitar intro of stairway to heaven.

Spirit's original composition were successful to an extent. But their song "taurus" made a change. Taurus is a 2 minutes 37 sec. instrumental done by this band Spirit and its the only song that keeps their identity alive in today's world. They were also known for their compositions like 'Mechanical World' and 'I got a line on you'. Jimmy page liked "taurus" a lot which led him to create his own song similar to taurus. And that's from where Page originated Stairway to heaven. He was very much influenced and wanted to do something like that. Stairway's intro is quite similar to Taurus.

Even Robert Plant liked the intro and started working on the lyrics and he almost completed half of the lyrics while sitting with Page in a log fire at Headley Grange in 1970.

Well, Spirit had also lost What would have been the most memorable moments of tehir life taht would have catapulted them to Fame : They refused an invitation to open for Jimi Hendrix's act at the Woodstock festival ! Just apply the 'Catastrophe theory' here, and think what would have happened to the band had they performed at the Woodstock !

It is now widely accepted that Page lifted the descending guitar figure from spirit's instrumental "Taurus".

But we cant neglect the skills of Jimmy Page in the song Stairway To Heaven. He only borrowed the intro from Taurus but he transformed it into a wonderful song. He made Stairway an exceptional guitar song but roots have been taken from "Taurus".

Maybe stairway would not have been possible if Taurus had not existed...

All Hail 'Spirit'

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Secrets Behind High Pitched Vocals Unveiled - Part -1


Don't strain your voice by pushing high notes. Your voice can be destroyed if you don't take care of it!!!High Pitch is a product of Singing Well. So, try to sing well first. You don't necessarily have to sing high pitch to be a Good Singer.


Always keep your feet about your shoulders width apart. However, don't stand too rigid! Be balanced and yet flexible. Allow more air to fill your rib cage. When sitting and singing, sit straight and relaxed and keep you feet flat on the floor.


Don't restrict you natural voice too much. Many vocalists in order to put more aggression in their voice faked the sounds of their favourite vocalists like Chad Kroeger, Scott Stapp or others, which only makes their voice unclear. It would have been better if they sing in their natural voice. My advice, therefore is, BE YOURSELF, be relaxed and let your natural voice rock your music.


This constricts air flow.


This also constricts Air Flow.


When the jaws become too stiff, it is difficult to sing clearly and also constricts our natural voice.


Too sing high notes, always avoid nose-voice. Use your abdomen, throat and mouth, but not the nose. Never!!


a)Fruit juices, Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc. (they can wash away your natural throat lubricants)

b) Cigarettes and Weed: They may create a blockade in the throat restricting sing properly.

c) Alcohol: Some people thought that they can sing better when they are drunk. However, the truth is drinking boosts up the mood but takes away the voice. When being drunk it is very difficult to get full control of our voice and the voice tends to get pitchy.

These Are Just Some Tips To Be A GreatHigh Pitched Vocalist ..... Just Practice These And It Will Definitely Make A Difference .......

Be A Rocker !!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ian Gillan( Deep Purple)- the greatest hard rock vocalist

Born on 19th august 1945, this man has changed the rock scenario to a great extent. He introduced a new kind during the 70's. His great skills to belt his vocals from head voice to falsetto is his strongest and the most notable ability.

He introduced the vocal belting technique and now he is considered as the best hard rock vocalist. Ian possessed a very wide vocal range starting from low E2 to high D6. He was associated with many bands ( like Javelins and Episode six) but havent recieved much fame. After joining Deep Purple this man created a history.

Ian was quite sucessful when he played with black sabbath but was not able to show his best. Various songs of Ian where he has showed his vocal abilities are bloodsucker, space truckin, highway star, speed king, strange kind of woman etc. Child in time, which is considered as the best rock vocal performance song after love reign o'er me byThe Who. In the song Child in time Ian showed his full vocal range and is considered as one of the best achievements of Deep Purple. Ian starts with a soft voice at the beginning and gradually shows his high A5. In this song he showed a wide vocal range.

Every song of Purple has a different spark. Gillan used different techniques in different songs for eg. Space truckin where he used his harsh pitch and even in highway star. But personally i feel Child in time is easier than strange kind Of Woman. The finest vocal ability that Gillan showed in a song is Strange kind of woman. Repeating the high notes with his voice after Blackmore hits it with the guitar, thats really something interesting to watch. Gillan proves in this song that he is the best. Hitting a B5 so easily even on a live act, Thats what Ian did and this is why he is considered as the best hard rock vocalist.

The only vocalist, I feel who can give a tough competition to Ian Gillan is Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Though both the vocalists used different techniques and no doubt both had a very wide vocal range but still we can compare them on the basis of their live acts. Robert Plant is the king of G. No one can challenge his voice. He is an exceptional vocalist. But if I have to attend a concert then I would like to attend a concert of Deep Purple rather than Led zeppelin's ( keeping in mind only the vocal part) as Plant always struggled to hit the high notes on live acts(during his active years) but Gillan does not. Gillan's Vocals were stronger than Plant's.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nirvana V/s Pearl Jam

This post is about Nirvana, a band with a huge fan following and Pearl Jam, who have been given great positions in various rock polls.
Both the bands have given a huge contribution to rock music and these two bands have defined the grunge genre during the 90's. But when it comes to the overall judgement of a song and these bands, then this comparison becomes quite tough.

If I start with the vocals then I would say there ain't any comparison between them. Obviously Eddie Vedder is notable and acclaimed for his baritone and many of his
songs are in the list of greatest rock vocal performances.Kurt Cobain's voice is acclaimed by the fans and people but he didn't have the actual vocal ability like Vedder had. Songs of Vedder that have been listed in greatest male vocal performances are Jeremy, Release, yellow ledbetter, black, Grievance, love boat captain etc. while Cobain had not been able to reach such a feat.

Both the bands gave awesome guitar solos but still in this also I would consider Pearl Jam better. The notable solos of Pearl Jam which have been acclaimed are Alive and Yellow Ledbetter. Nirvana's guitar solos are good but the solo pieces are judged on the basis of their originality(no doubt, both were original) and skills and that's why pearl jam's solos are notable.

Coming to compositions, I can only say that Pearl Jam rocks. They had everything in a song from lyrical, musical and vocal point of view. Arguably, The most famous song of Nirvana, "Smells like teen spirit" has received much fame after Cobain's death. But the album Nevermind is ranked 12th in greatest rock albums whereas ten of pearl jam is ranked 43rd. Its tough to hold this kind of position for bands who had given their debut in the 90's but changed the grunge scenario. And in the list of greatest rock albums of the 90's "Nevermind" is ranked 1 followed by "Ten", ranked 2. Pearl Jam gave a kickass debut with their album "Ten".

Both these bands have rocked the charts of the 90's but who is better? Well...

If I have to say then my vote will go for Pearl jam. I find their work better than Nirvana.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Linkin Park V/s Limpbizkit

Linkin Park
Limpbizkit !

Well, I have started liking to compare between Bands Of The Same Genre . Its quite interesting actually! So .....

Lets start with Linkin Park -- They did a great job in most of their albums like "Hybrid Theory" And "Meteora" with some great screams by Chester . "A Place For My Head" being my personal favorite, because it has great Vocals and also a good guitar riff in it as well.

But actually I would say that LP has become a Bit Boring . There's normal chords being played and endless screams in them giving them the "Hardcore Sound" . But talking about compositions, There's not much in store for me Atleast . No solos . No Mind Boggling Riffs Or Some Amazing Vocal Range ....... Nothing much did I find .

Coming To Limpbizkit, I Would say that their guitarist has done a far Better Job Actually ........ He's done some Amazing, and a little absurd though, Guitar Riffs like the one in " Rollin " And "Take A Look Around". Their Live Performances are Far better and much more " Lively "!

They got some Amazing attitude, But, I found nothing great about the vocals . Though I am quite happy with their Drummer and Guitar player. Well, Atleast I do enjoy their songs much more than LP's.

I Prefer A Thumbs Up To Limpbizkit, Guys!

*Cheers* !

But Nothing's Over Without Your Views ........ Feel Free To Object Or Support ME !

Metallica V/S Iron Maiden !!!!!!


Oh Yeah!!! Let The War Begin Now!!!!!

Well, comparing the 2 big metal giants may not be a good idea but lets give it a try and see who wins this battle !

I Personally Feel That Listening To Songs Like "Master Of Puppets" and "Fade to black" or even 'One' has made me a huge fan of Metallica but at the same time Bruce Dickinson's vocals have been voted as one of the best of all time.

Metallica has got great compositions, actually Riffs and Solos of Kirk Hammett are tremendous . The "Master Of Puppets" Riff is one of the best Guitar Riffs of all time. And being just a 4 Member Band, their music still has got no limits !

But Metallica's "Purity" Has actually declined with their recent albums :"Death Magnetic" and "St. Anger". I Didn't expect such shit from them . "St. Anger" is a good album for a HardCore Metal Band, but listening to songs like "One" & "Nothing Else Matters", I wonder what they were up To!

But Maiden Has Kept UP Their Consistency And The Recent Live Performance Held Somewhere In India Was Also A Joy to Watch ......

Maiden Also Have Done Great Riffs Like Powerslave and Dance of death ..... But Their Beauty Lies In The Vocals ....... The Solos Of Maiden Dont Follow Any Pattern And You Just Cant Feel What Their Guitars Are Trying To Say ( Thats What I Feel Should Be A Good Guitarist's Ability To Have This Element In His Solo )........

I Was Also Thinking Of A Whacky Idea .......
Why Not Club Bruce Dickinson And Metallica's Kirk Hamett Together And Create A Maiden Out Of Metallica ........ Must Be Sounding Absurd Though !

Heads Up To Iron Maiden !( Dont Kill Me Metallica Lovers . Please! )

Come On Guys! Its Time For Your Comments Now . Vote And Comment On Your Favorite Out Of The two And Lets See Who Wins !

Sunday, August 9, 2009

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