Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Born To .... ? A New " Random Musings" Section On My Blog!

Born To ...... ??

Well, Its been quite sometime since I've been writing about rock music, and so, I thought of writing a much lighter, 'Random' post !
I've also added the category 'Random Musings' on the left in the "BeArockr Contents" Section, so as to express some of my rather silly jokes, and a bit of everything too in this blog !

**P.S. : Nothing in this section is intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone !

Lets Begin the first one:
I was thinking that what would happen if Bruce Springsteen had an encounter with the "World's Fastest Athlete" : Usain Bolt ... Eventually Usain would get frightened seeing Bruce, since he would be bound to lose if he was competing in a race against him... You know why ??

B'coz Bruce Springsteen is "Born To RUN " !!

Still, what more can you think of to complete this sentence : "Born To ....." ??

It can be 'Born To Fly' , or 'Born to Cry' or whatever !

So, come on guys, Lets check your Innovation in the sentence above !

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wolfmother: A Potential Rock Act

I was wondering about which all bands of recent times have been the most influencing Rock n Roll acts, and eventually came up to Wolfmother, an Australian hard rock band that formed in Erskineville, Sydney in 2000. Originally, tha band is a trio comprising vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist and keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett .

The band lists its influences as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Pink Floyd, and relatively new bands like The White Stripes too. While most critics have compared the band's sound to resemble Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath , I myself would agree that Wolfmother's, though original, sound does resemble Led Zeppelin , and bit of Deep Purple too ( Eg: Space truckin )

But, History has been full of varied sounds and acts , and it does seem very much possible that if you make out a riff or some lyrics today, they might be traced back easily ! Nevertheless, Wolfmother has been a really great Hard Rock act, and they have done some really sensible, amazing compositions that I very much liked.

Their hit single, "Woman" , a quite grunge, blues-inspired awesome Guitar riff by Andrew Stockdale, and an equally brilliant vibrant synthesizer by Chris Ross ( he is also the bassist of the band, and as per me, He has done a great job in both sections. His synth in Woman reminded me of Deep Purple's early keyboard sound, as in songs like 'Child in Time' too ! ) , and a nice hard beat by Myles Heskett. Woman was also included on video games as Guitar Hero II, MotorStorm, Pure, Saints Row 2, Tony Hawk's Project 8 and NHL 07 .

Another of their wonderful hits, "Joker & the Thief", with again a 'Nut-Cracking' work by Andrew Stockdale, appeared in films Jackass Number Two, Shoot 'Em Up, Shrek the Third and The Hangover (2009 film) and video games Need for Speed: Carbon, Rock Band, and MLB 07: The Show, as well as commercials for both Mitsubishi and Peugeot cars.

'Woman' also won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 2007 ceremony . The band has also been nominated for various awards , and they did definitely deserve all the nominations .

The band's guitarist Andrew Stockdale has been the Star in most of their songs, as I feel . The band's Hard Rock, Distorted riffs coupled with some whacking vocals by Stockdale have definitely been the best part of the band for me.

Here are some of their live performances to watch out :

Friday, November 13, 2009

Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell The Original Tour Released!

Great News for all Meat Loaf fans ! Their live DVD is out now !

Filmed at the Stadthalle Offenbach, Bat Out of Hell: The Original Tour captures the raw excitement of Meat Loaf’s epic stage show. Larger-than-life songs like “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)” and “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” sounded absolutely extravagant performed live. Not only does Meat Loaf dominate the stage, but he also captivates audiences with the riveting nature of his songs, with the help of the album’s songwriter Jim Steinman and female vocalist Karla DeVito. Its visual proof of the power of Bat Out Of Hell, which certified 10x Platinum and sold over 40 million copies. Also included is a bonus interview from 1978 with Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman.

Track Listing:

1.) Great Boleros Of Fire

2.) Bat Out Of Hell

3.) You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)

4.) All Revved Up With No Place To Go

5.) Paradise By The Dashboard Light

6.) Introducing The Band

7.) Johnny B Goode

8.) River Deep, Mountain High

9.) Johnny B Goode (reprise)

10.) Two Out Of Three Ain¹t Bad

11.) All Revved Up With No Place To Go (reprise)

Here's a video from the DVD :

“You Took The Words”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry Dismissed Break-Up Rumors !

Gosh! It was really hard to digest that one the best hard rock bands and equally great hard rock duos Joe Perry and Steven Tyler had decided to part ways ! After quite a string of injuries and poor ticket sales in Aerosmith's Recent Concert, Guitarist Joe Perry was quoted saying That Tyler Had Quit. It was a severe blow to all fans of the band.

But, now the air of rumors has been cleared off by Perry himself. No Break-Up is Going to Happen ! Well, How on earth could anyone imagine Aerosmith without Steven Tyler ? They are definitely an inseparable band, and any change In the Beautiful Line-Up would surely be a disaster!

You can Read about Perry's initial statement over here about the break up:

Rolling Stones Magazine

Here's the link to the article where he dismissed the rumors :

Boston Herald

Long Live Aerosmith ! They still have a lot of energy in them left, and Hope they Never spread such threatening Rumors Again !

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clarence "Big Man" Clemens Launches His New Book!

Clarence "Big Man" Clemens, A Renowned saxophonist in Bruce Springsteen's legendary
E Street band, has launched his Auto-Biography in a new book titled "Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales" . Clarence's stories about this exceptional group of musicians are genuine and truly hilarious, and his larger than life personality shines in this atypical memoir.

Below are some of his interviews, following the release of his book, where he talks about his association with Bruce Springsteen , and some of his personal experiences too. These videos delve into Clarence's musical past and tell the mythical stories that have helped to shape his career. Have A Look :

Coming Soon On This Blog:

A Special Review Of The Book Done By Myself !!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Livin On A Prayer- Bon Jovi's Greatest Hard Rock Achievement

This song was recorded in 1986 and came with a bang at the mainstream. The song spent 4 weeks at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987 and two weeks on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. This song has been rated no. 1 in the list of greatest rock songs of the 80's by VH1's online voting.
It made a new image of the band in the Mainstream Rock.

The song is basically about a fictional working class couple. The song was written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Desmond Child, a professional songwriter who has also written hits for Kiss, Aerosmith, Michael Bolton etc. Jon wanted to skip this song from Slippery When Wet Album but Richie convinced him, and Jon after having a conversation with a group of teenagers changed his mind and decided to add this song in their album and now this album is the best selling rock album of Bon Jovi with an estimated selling of 12 million copies worldwide.

The arrangements in this song was unique. Richie used a talkbox which gave the song a very distinctive sound. The use of synthesizer has been extensively done. In the list of 100 greatest rock anthems it has been rated at no. 25. The song has become a necessity for their live acts.

I Recommend It To All Bon Jovi Fans !