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About Be-a-Rockr

About This Blog:- is A Blog full of Reviews, Discussions, Suggestions, Tips, Videos n lots more. The content in this blog Caters to all Rock Listeners and Musicians, dealing with a variety of Genuine First-Hand information, that is collectively provided by our respected Readers, and our editors. We constantly monitor the blog for comments and suggestions posted by our readers , and update our posts to include them too, making it a kind of a very Democratic and Open rock blog!

Stay Updated with the latest news, newest bands and greatest rock artists and albums ever!

We have Editors based in the United States and India, and readers from all across the world, apart from thousands of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter as well.

This Blog is also open to accept stories offered by bloggers and webmasters , and publish them after reviewing the same. So, this is also an excellent way for bloggers to make their views read by a still bigger audience, and increase their back-links at the same time too!

Our Editors:

1) Khalid Aziz
A big fan of Freddie Mercury, Khalid is an accomplished vocalist himself and has performed at dozens of live shows as well with his Rock band. His passion for music has no boundaries at all, and most of the time, you'd find him in a music studio! He is a sound recordist by profession and also trains students in the same as well.

2) Dr. Glenda Cosenza
The associate professor of music education at the Northern Illinois University, Dr. Glenda is a complete music fanatic! She listens to classical, jazz, rock and now, even pop too. Her hobbies include travel, reading, and networking.

3) Amrit George
A passionate musician, the ultimate quizzer, and occasionally strums the acoustic guitar too. Currently resides at Indiana, US.

4) Arjit Sachdeva
A guy who just loves to rock! He plays the guitar, has been performing with his own band, and is also the Editor-in-chief of BeaRockr.
"A good guitarist ain't the one who can play a hundred notes in one second; rather, a good guitarist is the one who can just play 5 notes, which sound MAGICAL!"

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