Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Research Turtles: The Next BIG Thing !

I just received a mail from a not-so-known band, who call themselves, the "Research Turtles"(The name sounds quite different, doesn't it ! ), who wanted me to listen to their music, and even gave me their whole album too for the same, and My First Reaction on hearing their first track was : "WOW ! How could I never have heard these guys before ! "

The band's line-up includes :

Their music is just Perfect, believe me, and I'm not saying this just for the sake of it, or to be nice to the band, but, I honestly felt that way. No criticism is much possible for this wonderful band, whose love for Rock music is much evident in each and every moment of their album.

The album began with a beautiful Drum roll, and that was pretty enough for me to want more ! The song titled, "Lets get carried away", was fully true to its name, and It does really get you "Carried away" with the pretty appreciable vocals, and I would like to give a special mention to the Guitar parts too. The guitar effects were so much suited to the overall base of the song, and the riff was too good !

Next was a punk sounding track called "Damn", and Damn ! The opening lead and the riff were so appealing ! I loved Jud Norman's vocals in this one ! My compliments to Joe Norman too for his excellent rhythm in this one, He definitely pulled this up !

I was banging my head as I reached the next track called "Mission" , where they eventually increased the tempo, and this one had an awesome solo by Logan Fontenot , and it was Blake Thibodeaux's excellent rolls and beats on the drum that got me up on my toes !

Kiss Her Goodbye's a power Rock ballad, and this one was done wonderfully by all members, as I could feel some magic in this one, I was completely drawn into the song ! Great backing by Joe Norman in the chorus !

One thing I would mention, is that each song in this album is Different, the beats change, the tempo changes, the feelings change, and so, that's something they've done beautifully !

"Cement Floor" began wonderfully, and the drums and rhythm in this one were awesome ! I was also stunned by Jud Norman's bass playing in this one, Way to go !

Then I went over to the track called "The Riff Song". It's name is pretty appealing, isn't it !
It was at this moment that I became a fan of the guitar players ,Logan Fontenot and Joe Norman, for the excellent ORIGINAL HARD ROCK riff that they've put up in this track. Though, the solo was quite well done too, but the Riffs were just enough to blow me away !

"Tomorrow" was an excellent change, a very peppy number, excellent vocals, beautifully supported by the leads in between . Joe Norman did an excellent job in this one. The drums at the end were so much impressive to me, and I liked the solo too by Logan.

The effects they chose on their Guitars were so much PERFECT ! No criticism possible about that anywhere !

"A Feeling" and "Into A Hole" were good compositions too, and then came a powerful "925" which started with a bang, on the drums ! The way they juggled with the tempo and beats on this one was commendable.

The album received a perfect ending with "Break my Fall", a well done composition overall, especially the bass was great in this one . The guitar plucking was nice too in the beginning. Just when the song was about to end( so it seemed to me ), they surprised me yet again ! The bass and drums together, with Logan's sweep solo backed by Joe Norman's riff, were too much to keep me hooked up to the end !

Overall, Just one thing that disappointed me was : "WHY THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS NOT SIGNED UP BY A RECORD LABEL! "

This band is a real talent. Just what the contemporary world is looking for ! Each song in this album is perfect ! I really appreciate their music sense. All the members are commendable. Their music can connect much easily to the people, and I'm quite sure that Research Turtles are gonna go a Long way ahead and rule the charts in the near future !

Rock on !

Click Here to Download the Whole Album for FREE!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Heavy Glow: The Filth & The Fury Final Review

Recently,I came to know of this Rock/Alternative/Blues, San Diego based band, who call themselves "Heavy Glow" , and thought of mentioning them here on my blog for all my readers to have a listen to this awesome ROCK TRIO, whose music I found to be really amazing, given the fact that its just 3 guys who were playing the whole song so wonderfully!

Heavy Glow's lineup is:

Jared Mullins: Vocals,Guitar

Joe Brooks: Bass

Dan Kurtz: Drums

The album titled "The Filth & The Fury Final" began with a heavy, powerful riff in "I almost Prayed", much reminding me of former Guns n Roses guitar legend Slash, particularly of their Hit Number, "Welcome to the Jungle" !

Then was another track, titled "Love Ghost", where I could get the best from Jared Mullins, and Joe Brooks, the riff and solos were all amazing in this one.

Then, moving over to the next track, I was a bit disappointed, as I was expecting the next one to have some other variations in it, but It was pretty much on the same lines of the previous two. The guitar playing was becoming a bit monotonous, because of the same kind of distortion and much the same type of heavy riffs. The song ended quite beautifully, and I could definitely see that Mullins has been the most innovative member of the band, though I suggest that a change in the distortion or the overall feel of the song could be much appreciated.

Then came a track titled "Bourgeois Baby" , and hearing the opening riff and the drum roll in this one was a retreat ! It seemed as if Dan Kurtz came to life in this one ! Jared Mullins' rhythm playing was also great in this one too, though I still found the same guitar effects in the whole song, though his experiments with his guitar are evident in all songs !

Then, finally came their last track, titled "Red July" and it seemed all my wishes came true ! Mullins' gave it a beautiful start on his guitar,followed by the the bass and the drums together, and this time It seemed like a combined effort, with equal contributions by all the band members, and was my favorite track from the whole album ! Well done guys ! You pulled this one the best !

Summing it all over,

The band tried to do a lot of innovations with the guitar, which I highly appreciate, but try doing that in a limited manner. Don't try to include much effects on a single track.
Make your solo's more expressive and unique .Maybe changing the guitar effects or a bit of guitar modulation could change the overall feel of your song completely and it may sound a bit better too !

The vocals were pretty fine for me, and The bass was perfect, Joe Brooks' bass lines were great, and he's definitely my favorite from the trio !

The drums could have been a lot better in just some parts of some tracks, but overall they were fine !

Guys, Heavy Glow is Definitely a Band worth listening to, and I would even look forward to their Next album !

You could check these guys out here : HEAVY GLOW

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good To be Back Again !

Warm Greetings to all my Readers, and Fellow bloggers, who have been consistently reading this blog, and to whom I've not been a good blogger lately.

Well, I would like to add that now, Finally, my exams for college are OVER, and Its just the results that I'm waiting for. So, I'll now resume blogging once again, and will quickly follow up with a post for all Rock fans, and I promise it would be a nice read for all of you, as it used to be earlier, perhaps.

I'll also be coming over to all your blogs to see what you all have been writing about in my absence, and all the latest news that I may have missed in these past months.

Thanks for all your Support and good wishes !