Friday, June 11, 2010

Heavy Glow: The Filth & The Fury Final Review

Recently,I came to know of this Rock/Alternative/Blues, San Diego based band, who call themselves "Heavy Glow" , and thought of mentioning them here on my blog for all my readers to have a listen to this awesome ROCK TRIO, whose music I found to be really amazing, given the fact that its just 3 guys who were playing the whole song so wonderfully!

Heavy Glow's lineup is:

Jared Mullins: Vocals,Guitar

Joe Brooks: Bass

Dan Kurtz: Drums

The album titled "The Filth & The Fury Final" began with a heavy, powerful riff in "I almost Prayed", much reminding me of former Guns n Roses guitar legend Slash, particularly of their Hit Number, "Welcome to the Jungle" !

Then was another track, titled "Love Ghost", where I could get the best from Jared Mullins, and Joe Brooks, the riff and solos were all amazing in this one.

Then, moving over to the next track, I was a bit disappointed, as I was expecting the next one to have some other variations in it, but It was pretty much on the same lines of the previous two. The guitar playing was becoming a bit monotonous, because of the same kind of distortion and much the same type of heavy riffs. The song ended quite beautifully, and I could definitely see that Mullins has been the most innovative member of the band, though I suggest that a change in the distortion or the overall feel of the song could be much appreciated.

Then came a track titled "Bourgeois Baby" , and hearing the opening riff and the drum roll in this one was a retreat ! It seemed as if Dan Kurtz came to life in this one ! Jared Mullins' rhythm playing was also great in this one too, though I still found the same guitar effects in the whole song, though his experiments with his guitar are evident in all songs !

Then, finally came their last track, titled "Red July" and it seemed all my wishes came true ! Mullins' gave it a beautiful start on his guitar,followed by the the bass and the drums together, and this time It seemed like a combined effort, with equal contributions by all the band members, and was my favorite track from the whole album ! Well done guys ! You pulled this one the best !

Summing it all over,

The band tried to do a lot of innovations with the guitar, which I highly appreciate, but try doing that in a limited manner. Don't try to include much effects on a single track.
Make your solo's more expressive and unique .Maybe changing the guitar effects or a bit of guitar modulation could change the overall feel of your song completely and it may sound a bit better too !

The vocals were pretty fine for me, and The bass was perfect, Joe Brooks' bass lines were great, and he's definitely my favorite from the trio !

The drums could have been a lot better in just some parts of some tracks, but overall they were fine !

Guys, Heavy Glow is Definitely a Band worth listening to, and I would even look forward to their Next album !

You could check these guys out here : HEAVY GLOW


Anonymous said...

美麗的事物是永恆的快樂,它的可愛日有增加,不會消逝而去 ..................................................

Playing Rock Guitar said...

They have a real old heavy blue guitar feel. Real retro.

雲亨 said...

Happy New Year~..................................................

bearockr said...

That's true, Steve ... I agree :)