Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now That's What We Call a Rock Mandolin !

Folks, Now this is really a creative band called "The Poland Invasion", and though the name's got nothing to do with the World War 2, they actually got named after its founder, Jen Poland, who also happens to be the vocalist and the Lead 'Mandolinist' too ( Yes, she plays the Mandolin, on DISTORTION ! ).

Not only does the band feature an electric distorted mandolin as a lead instrument, an animal on drums, and a groovy bass, but all members are film makers. As of now, there are six members in the band and all of them have been actively producing films and videos for the last few years.

I got to watch two of their music videos, and I must say, I quite liked the sound of the Mandolin on distortion. Now that's something different, something unique, and that's exactly what these guys are all about. Following are those videos to check out :

This track, "Ice house" had a really nice 'rock n roll' riff, an amazing blend of the mandolin and the guitar. Though I'd have to say that the vocals were not as good as the music is, but nevertheless, I liked it much! Throughout the song, the bass is very well maintained. And finally, the Mandolin solo brought out a 70's touch into the track.

"I got something" has an awesome Bassline, with some really well balanced drums. The rhythm throughout this song is very strong. Overall, I'd say that this was an amazing track.

Overall Rating: 8 on 10 !

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