Friday, April 1, 2011

From Rock n Roll, to Hope & Ruin !

For those of you wondering what this is all about, It's The Trews' fourth full-length studio album: Hope & Ruin, due out on The Trews Records on April 12 ! It is much of a level-raising evolution for the Toronto-based rock band with two gold records, 10 top-10 singles and 800-plus concerts logged.

Just to get a feel of what the album would be like, Check out their self-titled single :

Loaded with a super cool riff, awesome vocals, and a perfect head banging rhythm, I couldn't keep myself from watching the video again and again, humming all along! Recorded live-off-the-floor, they captured lightning in a bottle, resulting in a sound that is raw, electric and igniting.

The Trews, owing to their original sound and amazing musicality, seem to be, arguably one of the BEST rock artists of the current era.

Check out their official website : THE TREWS

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