Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vanaprasta's Healthy Geometry: A BANG ON debut!

Vanaprasta, in Sanskrit, means the study of geometric shapes, sizes and patterns. But here, we are talking about a Psychedelic/Indie/Post-Grunge/Alternative band all the way from Los Angeles!

Their line up includes:
Steven Wilkin - Lead Vox/Keys, Collin Desha - Guitar/Keys/Background Vox, Taylor Brown -Bass/Keys/Background/Vox , Cameron Dmytryk – Guitar/Sampler and Ben Smiley – Drummer/Percussion .

While the Los Angeles based quintet might have borrowed the name from the ancient Indian texts , the music they create is not even  remotely close to any sort of Indian music . But that’s not a bad thing . The LA based quintet are causing a stir in world of indie with their fresh approach to the indie sound. They don’t restrict themselves to just indie , they mix it with healthy doses of psychedelic , post grunge and some alternative, which can only be a damn good thing . Their debut offering ‘Healthy Geometry’ is an eclectic album , which has broadened the definition of indie .  Their sound can best be described as a mix of psychedelics of The Mars Volta with the Kings of Leon post grunge/southern tinge. It’s definitely one of the acts to look forward to in the future. With a debut album as good as this…… things do look great for these guys.

The album begins with a mellow, psychedelic track ‘Nineequalsnine’ . This song is a stoner’s paradise due to its healthy mix of ambient soundscapes with psychedelics and samples . Steven owns this track due to his incredible vocal delivery . It’s my favorite track from this album. Next up is ‘Minnesota’ , which begins with a psychedelic intro but progresses into a more of an alternative chorus . It also has a post grunge influenced middle section. The band really shows it’s varied tastes and influences in this track. ‘Self Indulgent Feeling’ has a feel good factor to it . Right from the intro till the end , the track is a delight. This track is where the band displays it’s indie credentials. This track is Steven’s best performance in the album. ‘Supernumerary’ is most notable for it’s use of psychedelics and samples to create a sound which is highly reminiscent of The Mars Volta. But a post grunge middle section is something which the band completely owns.

‘Healthy Geometry’ is their most well known track, due to it’s music video(which you should check out, if you haven’t already !). This track is very energetic, definitely one of the best tracks in the album. ‘G-‘ is the most aggressive song in this album , with the band descending into controlled chaos , post the guitar solo. Steven screaming, Collin and Cameron going all out in the sonic attack which has Ben slamming the skins and Taylor creating a really tight bassline to gel it all together , is the high point of the album. ‘Don’t Go Home’ is an all out indie track. It’s a welcome break from all the aggression. ‘Come On’ uses sampled tunes in the background along with the keys to good effect. It’s one of the mellower tracks in the album. Their album ending track ‘Crushing Ants’ is one hell of a track , displaying all of the band’s influences. One can hear indie, psychedelic, post grunge, alternative in a single track. It’s definitely the magnum opus of this album. That’s probably one of the reasons why it is the longest track of this album, clocking at almost 6 minutes long. A great track to finish the album with. All in all, it’s an amazing album . With most bands in the indie scene venturing towards more of a pop rock/alternative sound , ‘Healthy Geometry’ comes as a fresh breath of air to the indie scene as whole.

Go……. listen to it, if you still wanna believe that indie is not dead!

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