Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kevlar Bikini's hardcore debut with 'Explodisiac'!

Kevlar Bikini, who call themselves a 'Punk/Rock n Roll/Hardcore quartet, were next on my list today, and I went on to listen to their debut album titled 'EXPLODISIAC'. This four-headed beast is made up of Auker on the vocals, Arlavi on the bass, Berta on the guitar and Kicho on the drums.

The album began with 'Devil's Jukebox', which had a heavy metal tone, and gets you in the groove with the guitar rhythm and the drumbeats. I've personally found most metal bands to be lacking variety in their songs or albums, but the basslines did a good job in the interlude to keep me addicted. 'Yikes Mama', I loved the intro totally. This track was very creatively done by the band. It had elements of Rock n Roll and heavy metal rolled into one. The vocals and the bass were commendable.

'Supersized Buttcake' had an unusual intro, dominant vocals and beats, while the next track 'Suped Up Machine' had a cool head-banging riff and rhythm throughout. Gets your adrenaline rushing up so fast, just the track you'd love when in rage.

As sweet as the name sounds, 'Sweet ride' began with a clean intro on the guitar and the bass from behind. Though I was expecting something more in this track, especially towards the end, but the guitar-bass duo did add some variety to this album. I was delighted when I reached the next track titled 'Jab', which actually began with the same tone that the previous instrumental ended with! Amazing start, and an amazing idea. The drums, the guitar, the vocals, all did a fabulous job in this one. The bass was consistent throughout. One of my favorites from the album.

'Pretzelspine' flagged off with an improvisation on the drums and a cool dominating guitar riff. I liked the chorus much. The drumrolls were noteworthy. Good job! Moving on, I found what I was looking for in 'Urinea', which had a pleasant intro on clean guitar chords and bass, and light drums in the background. A soft number, with a beautiful ending, though the vocals could have been much better. Reminded somewhat of 'Serenity' by Godsmack for a while too, considering the feel induced in this track.

The last track called 'Kiss it like its skinny Liv Tyler' had a nice change on the tempo and dominant bass-lines complimented well by those punching guitar riffs and exuberant vocals throughout. I quite liked the interlude patterns in most of the songs.

The band's genre as quoted on their website states 'punk', though I found this album to have metal infleunces in most of the songs, if not all. Their music is definitely original and well structured, and the album has variety too. The album is quite successful in keeping you hooked to your iPod till the end, though another unplugged truck would have been great. For a debut album, they sure do make a mark out there.
You can check out the band right here.

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