Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Born To .... ? A New " Random Musings" Section On My Blog!

Born To ...... ??

Well, Its been quite sometime since I've been writing about rock music, and so, I thought of writing a much lighter, 'Random' post !
I've also added the category 'Random Musings' on the left in the "BeArockr Contents" Section, so as to express some of my rather silly jokes, and a bit of everything too in this blog !

**P.S. : Nothing in this section is intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone !

Lets Begin the first one:
I was thinking that what would happen if Bruce Springsteen had an encounter with the "World's Fastest Athlete" : Usain Bolt ... Eventually Usain would get frightened seeing Bruce, since he would be bound to lose if he was competing in a race against him... You know why ??

B'coz Bruce Springsteen is "Born To RUN " !!

Still, what more can you think of to complete this sentence : "Born To ....." ??

It can be 'Born To Fly' , or 'Born to Cry' or whatever !

So, come on guys, Lets check your Innovation in the sentence above !


drewzepmeister said...

How about Born to be Wild?

Rocky said...

Hi bearock,

Thanks for visiting the "Rock Land".

I also have other blogs about music that I know you will also like. It is "Rhythm of the Rock". Here is the URL:

Hope you can visit that and hope that we can exchange links.

By the way, I'm a Software Engineer / Business Systems Analyst.

Thanks Friend!

Rocky said...

If you want, you can even add all my links on your site. Here are they:


bearockr said...

Hi there Rocky... I'll surely consider adding those links and will let you know in a few days about the same ...

Sean Coleman said...

If a woman gave birth while travelling by plane, the baby would be airborne...

bearockr said...

@ Drew: Oh yea... Nice one ! "Born To Be Wild" ... Gives out a sense of Madness about someone who's really swift, really tameless ! hmmm... I like it !

@Sean Coleman: Hello Sean... Hats off to your innovation ! ... I never ever could think of such a phrase by myself too ! Amazing one !
Rock On!

classicrockforthesoul said...

Born to dream :)

bearockr said...

hey classic, Dream On ! Good one !