Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry Dismissed Break-Up Rumors !

Gosh! It was really hard to digest that one the best hard rock bands and equally great hard rock duos Joe Perry and Steven Tyler had decided to part ways ! After quite a string of injuries and poor ticket sales in Aerosmith's Recent Concert, Guitarist Joe Perry was quoted saying That Tyler Had Quit. It was a severe blow to all fans of the band.

But, now the air of rumors has been cleared off by Perry himself. No Break-Up is Going to Happen ! Well, How on earth could anyone imagine Aerosmith without Steven Tyler ? They are definitely an inseparable band, and any change In the Beautiful Line-Up would surely be a disaster!

You can Read about Perry's initial statement over here about the break up:

Rolling Stones Magazine

Here's the link to the article where he dismissed the rumors :

Boston Herald

Long Live Aerosmith ! They still have a lot of energy in them left, and Hope they Never spread such threatening Rumors Again !


drewzepmeister said...

It would be a criminal act to break up the band!

bearockr said...

Totally Agree with you drew...

WishMaster said...

Hey, bearockr pretty nice blog.....if u r interested we can make a link exchange since our contents are same.