Friday, February 12, 2010

Metallica V/s Metallica!


Guys guys, This post, as the title says, is about the Thrash Metal band : Metallica, and actually, was in my mind since over a month now, and I finally decided to write it down !

Well, Before reading any further, I urge you to just take up any song of any album like "Master of Puppets" or "The Black Album", and listen to it carefully, for example Nothing else matters or Seek and Destroy or Fade to Black ! Now, take up any song from the "St. Anger" album or the "Death Magnetic" album and listen to it carefully too !

The thing is, that METALLICA HAS CHANGED ! And I feel they are becoming worse off and much much lower than their otherwise huge qualities and skills that they have showed in songs like Master of Puppets and the likes. St. Anger, though quite a good album for a thrash metal band, isn't actually the "Metallica type" ! Metallica is supposed to be musically pleasant, and skillfully original, but St. Anger is just like a bit slower version of bands like Slipknot or Slayer, and I feel that guitarist Kirk Hammett could have added some of his much wonderful solos in some of the songs, and could have included some symphony parts in some of the songs too, since this is what Metallica was all about, and that's why we loved them , isn't it ??

Then, in Death Magnetic, it seems Metallica tried to be themselves, but still, it wasn't right upto what I was personally expecting from them ! Songs like "Cyanide" or "Suicide Redemption" are really not what I was expecting from this band .

Well, one of the reasons for this change seems the coming over of bassist Robert Trujillo, who arguably is much better than their former bassist Jason Newsted in terms of skill, speed and agility, but doesn't actually seem to fit into the Metallica style quite much. Seeing Metallica perform live in 2005 on DVD was a joy for me since Robert's energy on stage was unbelievable, but I do wish that Metallica would come back to their original style of riffs and music pretty soon !

Dying to hear what you have to say to this ??
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drewzepmeister said...

I love the old Metallica stuff! Albums like "Ride the Lightning" and "...And Justice for All" ROCK! "Masters of Puppets" is a classic! the later albums like "load" and "Reload" are decent. I think "Death Metallic" is their best album since the black one.

My opinion is this-Even though the older albums are "better", why continue to rehash it? Every great band needs to evolve and grow-to search broader horizons. Is that what creating music is about?

she be the evilsquirrel01 said...

Mettalica rules! haha. They were famous in my country when I was in junior high school.

Playing Rock Guitar said...

I agree with you. The older tunes gave you a warm feeling, you want to hear the songs again and again and enjoy them.
St. Anger, I only really liked the first two songs. Death Magnetic when you listen to it, it sounds good but when you turn it off you don't yearn to hear it again. It is a good album, not a good Metallica album.
I wouldn't blame Rob for it thought. I think James and Lars are continuing to push their music the way they always have only they are following instead of leading this time round.

bearockr said...

Very well said Steve ! I totally agree with you about Death Magnetic, and I think you're right about James and Lars too, they need to get "back to the basics" ! :)

R said...

Maybe I'm showing my age here, but have you guys forgotten Cliff Burton?

Jason Newsted was a newcomer, replacing Cliff on the bass after Cliff died in a bus accident in 1986 (after Master of Puppets). Metallica slowly gets worse (although 'Justice' and the Black Album are still OK). Trujillo can only make it better, but Metallica will never write soulful, symphonic tracks like Orion and The Call of Ktulu anymore...