Friday, January 29, 2010

Edgehill Avenue: 'Justified' Song Review !

Well, I got to hear a somewhat newer band called Edgehill Avenue who have just released their New Album: Rambler under the Record Label : Departure Records, and I Heard one of their songs called Justified, and must say, It was Really impressive !

First of all, Some Information about the band: EdgeHill Avenue is a band of the Indie genre influenced by Great artists like Black Crowes and Alman Brothers, and I really could feel the same while listening to their song, Justified .

The band's Lineup features Drew Perkins on the vocals and guitar, Mike McLauglin on the lead guitar, John Poole on the bass, Lamont Melson on the drums and Paul Nevitt on the keyboard.

Well, about the song, I would say that the Lyrics are really great and meaningful, and so are the vocals by Drew Perkins, though his mid-range were not that Great, but quite Impressive as I thought. He's got an Awesome tonal quality in his voice.

The beginning of the song with the vocals didn't really work out for me, since the song wasn't balanced in terms of recording, as I felt, but I must admit that it was a great idea to begin it that way. Then comes the bassline, which was also a good thought as per me, and John Poole also did a fine job throughout the song.

Then, when the Guitar intro comes out, It makes me really jubilant ! Mike McLauglin has done an awesome part with the Guitar, and the short licks in between many parts of the song were also impressive.

But, overall the best part about the song was Paul Nevitt's mind-boggling work with the synthesizer . The tone of the Keyboard was so much suited to the song, and I also loved his keyboard solo, and It also reminded me of Deep Purple's John Lord's keyboard's Sound, and I would give him full credit as being the Star performer in the Song.

Well, coming to the technical parts,The main drawback of the song as I felt was quite poor bass frequencies. The whole song is dominated by mid frequencies. They might have tried to stress a bit more on the low frequencies, and could have improved and boost-up the bass notes too !

Overall, I think that EdgeHill Avenue has done a tremendous job in this song, and it was a joy listening to this relatively new band for me !

EdgeHill Avenue is sure gonna place its mark in the Music Scene all over the world ! With their excellent musicianship, tremendous coordination, and a great, unique Sound, I recommend this band to all my readers !

Check out more about the band here :


classicrockforthesoul said...

cool! i'll have to check 'em out :)

FireFly said...

Wow your musical knowledge is very impressive! I assume you play the guitar, seeing that you like to highlight the guitar players! Great Post

drewzepmeister said...

They sound very Southern! My style of music! Thanks for the heads up!

bearockr said...

You're right Firefly, I do play the guitar !

@Drew and @Classic: Yea, You should try listening to the band, they're quite good.

Anonymous said...

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