Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Van Halen Re-Unite For Their New Album with David Lee Roth!

Guys, this certainly couldn't get better !

American Rock band,Van Halen, is all set to Reunite for a new studio album, along with David Lee Roth ! Twenty-six years after they last recorded together, the hard-rock band have reuinted with their original singer, with an album planned for next year.

Roth was Van Halen's original vocalist, performing on early hits such as Eruption and Dance the Night Away, through to the 1984 album, er, 1984. They parted ways in 1985. Diamond Dave was replaced with Sammy Hagar and later Gary Cherone, but Roth rejoined the band for concert dates beginning in 2007.

Van Halen's last album was 1998's Van Halen III, and now, I'm much too eager to hear out these Hard rock legends once again with their new album!

You could view the full news article right here : The Guardian