Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Worthy Metal Act: One Step Beyond !

Well, I just came across a Heavy metal act, called "One step Beyond", who released their album called "OUT WITH THE OLD ", and well, this band is definitely ONE STEP BEYOND !

One Step Beyond's Lineup has :

JUSTIN: Vocals
MAD MATT: Bass/Vocals/Beat programming
PAHL: Guitar
ZOTTI: Session drums

The album has amazing Drum beats, Tight,speedy guitars, and Mind boggling basslines ! The bassist definitely stands out amongst the group !

The album started with a headbanging act, called "Very Bad Man", with amazing riffs and beats, followed by a bit peaceful riff in "This life", which was arguably, the best one by Guitarist Pahl. The plucking in between was too good.

Moving on to the next track titled "Verb", I was stunned ! AMAZING is the word I could use over and over again for Bassist Mad Matt who even reminded me of
Butler! This guy's a pure talent, unlike most other bass players who choose to play just some root notes here and there, and even If I could call them good bassists, then maybe I wouldn't be able to describe people like Geddy lee or Stu Hamm who are GODS on the bass !

'Ordinary Citizen' had a good dominating riff, perfect tempo, and impressive vocals. The drums were just perfect !

'Psychosexual' began well on the guitar and drums together, followed by Justin's vocals. It was Zotti on the the drums who got my attention all over ! Well done !

The next one, 'Dancing Fool', had a bit weird beginning, but that's what made it my FAVORITE TRACK of the whole album ! Perfect
balancing between the bass and the overall sound. I would even regard this as the guitarist's best work in the album, his solos and riffs in this one were Superb ! It was well done on the vocals too !

Finally, the last track of the album, 'In with the new', sounded more like the beginning of a new album ! It got my adrenaline rushing up with the intro! Again, I could get a pinch of the amazing talent of the bassist in between, supported very well by the vocals !

Overall, One step beyond is a real talent musically ! The band is original, for Sure ! The bassist,Matt, did it an excellent work in the album, truly very original. I would regard him as the best amongst the four !

Coming over to the drummer , I think he has delivered his best. All the songs are musically balanced. It did not sound like the drums were dominating the tracks, but that is an achievement ! He has great potential !

I think it would be best to describe the Guitarist in one word, He is VERSATILE. His riffs were attractive, though I wanted some more solos, but being the only guitarist in the band, what he has done is Unbelievable !

Though the vocals didn't quite much impress me frankly, but summing up, the Band is really TIGHT !

Worth a listen guys ! You would want more !

You could check these guys out right here : http://www.m