Saturday, September 4, 2010

LUMINE CRIPTICA: Fading into Darkness Review!

Folks, I got hold of an album "Fading into Darkness" by Argentina's Metal act called "Lumine Criptica", and thought of reviewing it here on my blog for all readers and fans to check it out !

The band seemed to have influences from "Nightwish", "Evanescence","Lacuna Coil" and the likes.

The album began on a slower note in the song "You will never Rest", but the intro was so well done by guitarist Martin Principe and Andres Bustamante, as was the riff too ! Commendable arrangement of the instruments, well supported by a pretty nice touch of vocals but, though I didn't really find anything unique in Vocalist Sabrina's voice. The song was too long, and hence, I gradually lost interest in it a bit too !

"The Trace of my Beloved" had an awesome intro, well done on the bass and drums ! This might well be one of their best works !

The next track was no doubt, my favorite in the whole album ! "The Cold outside" had great lyrics, and the musical knowledge and expertise of the band was evident in the whole song!

The next track,"Insomnia", had a pretty soothing intro, and very nice arrangement of the instruments as well ! It was an overall well balanced track in terms of recording and mixing too !

The album ended very well with "Me", with great bass and beats, riffs and vocals. It was much like a stress-buster to me !

Overall, I felt that the drums are the best part of the band! Though the vocalist has a very commercial voice, but I suggest she could work out more on her vocals. The guitarist might have used some different tones of distortion in some of the tracks to make them more distinguishable and versatile from the rest !

Well done guys ! I'd look forward to more of your music too !

You guys can check out the band right here :

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