Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Interview With Greg Hampton of Science Faxtion and The New Czars!

is a Renowned multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer. He has worked with countless acts as varied as: Alice Cooper(featuring Slash) , Science Faxtion(along with BucketHead) , Lita Ford, Bootsy Collins, Tommy Bolin Whips and Roses I & II, Ron Wood; Rick Derringer, Bogert & Appice and lots more as well !

He has now released his album titled "Doomsday Revolution", done with the Trio Band called "The New Czars", featuring Greg Hampton himself along with Bassist Paul III and Drummer David "Chilli" Moreno, who have worked with Bruce Dickinson, Puddle of Mud, Courtney Love and many other artists too !

We got Greg Hampton himself to talk about his Latest Release, the Idea behind it, and share his past experiences as well as a Guitarist, Producer and a Song Writer !

Here's the full interview :

BeaRockr: How did "Science Faxtion" come up and how was the experience of working with Buckethead altogether ?

Greg Hampton: It was originally going to be an old school Bootsy solo funk record that I was going to produce & co-write, and Bootsy Came up with the idea to make it a band with me and those guys!

Buckethead is a very talented cat. We didn’t work very closely together, but we do share a few copyrights though!

BeaRockr: Did you talk to Buckethead about his "Guns n Roses" days ? What were his reactions on it ?

Greg Hampton: No not really, I don’t think he likes to talk about it. However, Slash and I talked about it ! Its Like talking about ex-wives, certainly not a very good topic of conversation ! Like asking a guy how his ex-wife was in bed. Not really a good campfire small talk!

BeaRockr: Slash played a solo for Alice Cooper's album "Along Came A Spider”(co-produced by you). We've seen Slash perform live innumerable times. How would you describe Slash in the Studio ?

Greg Hampton: Slash is the ultimate professional, He’s prepared, is a great guy to communicate with, and a lot of fun! He's just a great guy on a personal level too. And his new solo band is bad-ass! We have lots and lots of mutual friends. So its always kinda like a family reunion!

BeaRockr: So, how and when did the idea of forming "The New Czars" come up ?

Greg Hampton: I started writing tons of ideas that didn’t really fit into Science Faxtion or Alice Cooper or Lita Ford. And started stockpiling lots of ideas, musically that seemed to be turning into ‘their own thing’ !

It really started out as a solo record, because I had 80% of the basic riffs and song structure’s for the Record written long before I played it for anyone, at all!

BeaRockr: How would you describe Paul Ill and David Moreno as musicians and co-members of the band ?

Greg Hampton: They are amazing players! Some of the bass parts on the record are my original bass parts , and I wanted to keep it with my original feel that I had when I composed the song , and a few things. My assistant and I actually programmed the drums, but Chilli smoked some GREAT PERFORMANCES with the Kieth Moon, Neil Peart, Bonham & Pocaro influences !

BeaRockr: What’s your pick : “Science faxtion” or “The New Czars” and Why?

Greg Hampton: The New Czars sounds like a musically more complete sort of record/statement , It seems to have more depth, and musically has more integrity. And, it was all mine as far as the creative control is concerned ! Didn’t have to answer to anyone, nor compromising my original vision of how I heard the music in my head !

BeaRockr: Any Future plans in mind for "The New Czars" ?

Greg Hampton: Hope to do some shows behind this record, depending on who I have 'friend wise' going out on tour. And I'm always writing and recording, some of the upcoming songs will be Released Digitally( A new E.P. that will follow the European release on OCTOBER 18TH ), but the line up will continue to change some, so it stays fresh for me.

Frank Zappa & Prince are a perfect example of what I aspire to be, always evolve musically with different types of players interacting. So it stays sounding fresh and keeps my interest going!

And gives me the musical freedom to continue to grow. I don’t like boundaries, It’s a good ‘Day Job’ for producing. But can sometimes be a bit boring on a personal musical experience.

I Have hundreds of new Song ideas right now, that will find a home on my records, or whomsoever I will be working with, producing and writing with in the future. God Willing, I'm very very fortunate!

We'll soon be posting a Review of The New Czars' Album "Doomsday Revolution" too ! Stay tuned Guys!

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