Saturday, November 13, 2010

The SAW 3D Soundtrack: Bang ON !

The world is divided into 2 kinds of people-Saw lovers and Saw haters. It is impossible to ignore this franchise. People who are unfortunate enough to have missed out on it have at least heard of the blood and gore associated with it. Among all this people tend to miss the awesomeness of the plot and that’s rather unfortunate. I recommend anyone and everyone who watches it to do so without any preconceptions of any kind and then judge based purely on what you experience. October ended this year with the 7th movie in the series, Saw 3D, releasing. Imagine all the fear with an added dimension! Anyways, 3 days before the movie released, the soundtrack of the movie was released. A movie like Saw has its fans expecting adrenaline pumping music which is in tune with the on screen action and I daresay, we have a winner!

It is not always that movies come out with great Soundtracks. I mean, it is usually not given much thought or it’s just a crappy compilation. But when composers like Chester Bennington(Linkin Park), Chad Kroeger(Nickelback),Hinder and Saving Abel contribute towards a album, you expect music of a certain quality. Add Kopek, Saliva and Karnivool to the mix and we get one among the best film soundtracks in recent times. The music is not too dark or esoteric-it’s just rock music that blows your head off. And that my friend is Hard Rock at its best. The album kicks off with Saving Abel’s “Never” followed by Chester’s side project Dead by Sunrise throwing “Condemned at you”. Hinder start their single “Waking Up the Devil” with an aptly placed evil laugh which gets you in the groove. This song reminded me a lot of Lacuna Coil’s “Heaven’s a Lie”.

One of the best songs of the album is “The World belongs to me”. Kroeger joins forces with fellow Canadian band My Darkest Days to belt out a beauty. There are songs by bands which you might not have heard of before but they do a brilliant job of keeping up the tempo of the album with numbers which keep you head banging for hours. Notable among these are “What Goes Around Comes Around”(Boom Boom Satellites) , “Scream”(Adelitas Way) and “Hoodoo Woman”(Krokus). We wrap things up with Japanese band Dir en gray’s composition “Hageshisa to”. This song along with it’s predecessor “Ram the Crush” leave every rock fan in a trance.

So the verdict? This is easily a rock lover’s paradise. And if you want to judge it on basis of how it relates with the movie, then rest assured-they are in total sync. Each song enriches the movie experience and does perfect justice to it. It seems we finally have a perfect soundtrack complimenting an awesome movie.

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