Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Winners of the SAW 3D CONTEST are :

Hey guys,

Finally, the SAW 3D contest that began on 16th October is now over! Thanks to all those who entered the contest, as we got a great response from a lot of fans of the SAW film series!

Though only 3 people can win this contest, out of a far more number of entries registered, we sincerely regret if you couldn't make it to the Top 3 ! But, we'll be back with more such contests to make sure you do not go empty-handed !

The winners have been chosen in a lucky draw via, a website which generates random unbiased numbers.

So, here are the TOP 3 Lucky Winners:-

The first runner up of the contest, who won a copy of the SAW 3D soundtrack album, is :-

Shrutant Chadha (

The second runner up, who also won a copy of the SAW 3D soundtrack album, is :-

Anthony Elvy(via Email)

Finally, The Winner, who gets it all, The full SAW 3D prize bundle, is :-

Suzi Hares (

CONGRATULATIONS to all the above prize winners ! We'll be back with more such contests, and even more prizes guys! Do not be dis-heartened if you lost !

The Winners will be contacted shortly via Email. If we do not get any response from the above winners within a week, We'll be forced to cancel the prize and confer it to someone else !

Thanks for all your participation ! And guys, if you didn't win this time, it just might not have been your Lucky day ! We'll be back with something for everyone yet again!


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