Sunday, December 5, 2010

What? Here come The Sho-stoppers!

WOW! This time it's a band all the way from Dubai, who call themselves, "Sho?", meaning "What?" . Well, the name sounds quite unusual, but, I have to admit, these guys are AMAZING!

Sho? has Rizal as the lead guitarist and Zara on the vocals, and well, from Punk to Rock to Metal and even Reggae, Sho? does it all !

Sho? made a mark on the Rock Music circuit when they won the Diesel U Music Road to Sound City competition, and became known all over Dubai. Recently, they released their first EP entitled "I Don't Wanna Go", which we got to listen to, and all I can say is, "I really Don't Wanna Go away from this album!"

The album began with a self titled track called "Sho?", having a strong Rhythm, excellent beats, impressive, meaningful lyrics, and unique, original vocals. The vocals were quite at par with many eminent female rock vocalists too!

The next track called "Crash" reminded me of the 80s Metal era. Having heard this track, I can surely say that this band is highly skillful. I'd give full credit to the Guitarist, Rizal, for giving this song the perfect feel. A special mention to the drummer, as he maintained the same emotions throughout the song, which was commendable!

"Pride" was a bit not as good as I was expecting it to be. Though they tried their best to make it sound different, but somehow, the music wasn't matching the lyrical point of view. The Vocals could have been better too.

The track "Winter", having a great distortion, coupled with a nice metal progression, was awesome. Zara showcased a great Vocal style in this one yet again.

Summing up, Overall, the band is TIGHT, and energetic. Coordination amongst the members is too good. Their lyrics especially, are noteworthy, apart from their creatively origingal compositions.

So, folks, Sho? is definitely a band you'd wanna get hooked to! Seems we might be writing "Sho?" instead of "What?" in the near future !

To know more about the band and their upcoming gigs, click here to visit their website.

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