Monday, December 27, 2010

The Winners of the CASH REWARD CONTEST are:

Hey Guys, Thanks for your votes for the Research Turtles in our Cash Reward Contest, and owing to the great response we got, They have WON the RECORD of the YEAR 2010 at !

So, to extend their gratitude to all of you, We're now also giving out 10 copies of their official debut album to another 10 Winners now!

So, this time, 12 Lucky Winners are gonna receive some PRESENTS from us this New Year!

Following are the names of those 12 Lucky folks :

Sudipta Basak, who has won a COOL 25$ CASH REWARD !

Santosh Kumar Tiwari, who has also won the 25$ Cash Reward!

And the 10 winners who'd be getting the Research Turtles' self titled debut album are:

Mohit Mehta
Aravind Telkar
Rachita Aggarwal
Prachi Mukherjee
Steven S. George
Joseph Alukka
kamar jahan
Adhyayan Sethi

We Congratulate all the above 12 Winners of the Contest. Thanks for all your participation in this contest. We regret if you couldn't win a prize this time around, but as always, We'd be Back for more as well !

The Winners will be contacted shortly.

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Have a great New Year!

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