Saturday, August 27, 2011

Interview: Renowned guitarist, vocalist and GMC founder, Kristofer Dahl!

We recently got a chance to interact with ace guitarist and musician, Kristofer Dahl, best known for being the FOUNDER of the online forum: GuitarMasterClass(popularly known as GMC). Kristofer's first website was created in 2005, from which he gradually moved on to GMC.

This interview is a must read for all aspiring guitarists to get to know Kris' secrets and get inspired!

BeaRockr: Hello Kristofer, It’s a pleasure to having you answer some of our questions as the day I was introduced to GMC, I’ve seriously been a fan of your music, and much more, your online ventures. Here’s a series of a few questions we’d love you to talk to us about!

Thanks a lot, it's a pleasure to have you onboard! I am looking forward to speaking to you at GMC as well!

B: Who or what inspired you to take up the guitar? Are you from a musical background?

K: Neither of my parents play an instrument - and no one in my family has been able to teach me any music. I first discovered metal and pop music in my early teens and then later on guitarists like Yngwie and Marty Friedman. That's when I decided to get serious about the guitar!

B: What did it take for you to reach your current level of guitar playing? We’d love to hear out your secrets behind your creativity and those rapid fingers of yours!

K: Hehe well the fast fingers are just a matter of looong practice sessions with the metronome! Creativity is much more tricky - and I would say that the key is to get to know yourself as a human being.
Many people don't really know themsleves: What are your true fears, strengths, goals and inspirations? When you know what works for you, you can achieve a proper balance and live a creative & inspired lifestyle.

B: You started up with and gradually moved on to the very popular What prompted you to start up an online guitar teaching site/forum, rather than forming your own rock band?

K: Well rock bands sucked! At the time I still had a lot to learn - although I had come a long way as far as chops/soloing goes. I often say that 'not only am I the first instructor at GMC - I am the first student as well'! I still learn so much from just being at GMC...let's face it, the other instructors are extremely skilled!

B: We’ve seen a lot of your videos out on youtube, and well, they are just so amazing to say the least! A lot informative, and inspiring as well. Going by the number of views each of your video gets on an average, you’re actually a YouTube sensation, Kris. How did you achieve such a tremendous fan following ONLINE?

K: I think it's a combination by being backed up by the GMC community - and the fact that I am obsessed with recording videos... I LOVE it! I never produce a video unless I feel strongly for the content and feel that I am going to have a lot of fun while recording, editing and promoting the video.

B: Are you currently playing in some bands too? We’d love to hear about them!

K: Not currently. I hope that by the time I have got enough material to put out an album with songs in the same spirit as 'Love Me' - there will also be an opening for me to start playing in a band again.

B: What gear do you use?

K: My main axes are a Parker Nitefly and a Fender American Deluxe Strat. For this song I used a Mark V amp and a modified Marshall JCM800. I also use a boss DD-3 and an Ibanez TS808 pedal.

B: What are your future projects currently lined up? Any final piece of comments for our readers?

K: I will go wherever music takes me - and I think that's what BeaRockers should do as well. Remain openhearted and you will live a richer life!

B: Thanks for taking out some time in having a chat with us, Kristofer. We’re sure our readers would love to know so much about you!

K: Thanks for this interview and KEEP beaROCKING!

You can check out Kris' new single, "Love Me" at his official youtube channel:

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