Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keester: A MUST LISTEN headbanging album!

We got down to hear out another album by Jeff Jones' band, Keester, and I must say, it was actually one of the best things I did!

The album began with a track titled 'Get it again', and as the name says, I had to really get it again! What a way to start, simply perfect. I'm a fan of Jeff Jones' riffs! This track raised my excitement and expectations from the album to a whole new level!

'Nothing at all' had a similar riff but a pinch of variety as well. The bass was amazing in this one. The next track, 'Alone' turned out to be a headbanging track packed with a powerful guitar solo! 'I like it this way' had a different riff, and as usual, I just cant get enough of Jeff Jones riffs whatsoever! Even the bassline rocked! It took me back to the 80s era.

Made up my mind' began with a power packed intro, with the vocals blending perfectly with the sound. All the musicians are damn amazing! I could feel a taste of the Scorpions in 'Stand beside you', not exactly in the riff but just the sound of the guitar. I wouldn't hesitate to categorize this song as a powerful hard rock ballad! Though the vocals could have been improvised a bit.

'Lets get high' stunned me with a sudden change in the genre! The tempo of each song is notably good. A bit of punk, and a bit of glam, this album is turning out to be amazing folks! If you haven't heard Jeff Jones, you have missed something to say the least.

The next track 'Don't know a damn thing' wasa heavy metal, well balanced track with a potential to dominate the listener's mind! I liked the title of the next song, 'Pathetic' as they called it. The drums were worth a listen in this one!

Rock n roll was back with a different punch in 'I wanna be somebody' and 'I hate you', and the album couldn't get a better ending out of 'Nowhere' !

Overall, the album was damn amazing! Pure rock n roll stuff, this is a must listen for any rock fanatic. This album deserves a place on your iPods!

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