Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vanaprasta is back with the Effie House Sessions!

Vanaprasta is back !! After the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Healthy Geometry’ won many fans with its eclectic mix of indie with psychedelics, post grunge, ambient electronica , they are back with an EP which promises to up the ante in the next album . With this EP, they go on to show how very versatile they are . Though it contains alternate/acoustic versions of the tunes from their previous release (plus one new track), it doesn’t become monotonous and it very much stands out on its own due to the fabulous arrangement and production of the acoustic sets, courtesy of producer Dave Schiffman’s expertise (of The Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers fame).

This 5 track EP basically showcases their versatility as a band and it sounds more personal due to its acoustic approach. The EP begins with an acoustic version of the track ‘Supernumerary’ which perfectly sets the mood up with a mellow piano riff along with an acoustic guitar. Steven is impressive with his amazing range . Next up is their track called ‘Color of Sin’. The track fits in amazingly in this EP . This tune was intended to be an acoustic tune in the first place , so the quintet pretty much nails this .

‘Healthy Geometry’, the song which shares the same name as their debut album,  has a laid back acoustic version in this EP. The band manages to catch the feel of its chaotic electric version in an acoustic set-up . The acoustic version of ‘Come on’ is my favorite track from this EP . The track has a crescendo-like middle section which absolutely blows you off . The EP closes with an alternate version of ‘Nineequalsnine’ . The track has a smooth transition from its original effects-laden version to a very powerful acoustic version of it.

So, final verdict: The tracks don’t lose their meaning, even when the band is literally stripped off its gear! It’s not entirely an acoustic EP , neither is it entirely electric … but it is in its right mix which stands out. I say, give it a listen folks! 

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