Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, how about 'listening' to the 'Moonlight' for a change?

'A hard working guitar based rock band' as they like to call themselves, Lilygun is a London-based band comprising of Anna-Christina as the Songwriter/Guitars/Vocals, Belle on the Drums and James Ford on the Guitar.

Having released their second single called 'Moonlight', the band is working on releasing their debut EP later this year itself! Listening to the song, it begins with a soothing plucking intro backed by some really pleasant vocals that sets your mood right in the 'midnight' mode where you put on your headphones and raise the volume by a leap to get immersed in the track completely. The song then progresses to a hard, heavy-distorted tone that somewhere reminded me of Lacuna Coil too for a while.

Anna's vocals in the chorus are fabulous and well synchronised with the rhythm and percussions, though I'm a bit not used to a very heavy distortion, but James did a good job with it. The last part of the track got the perfect ending with some nice, enchanting guitar harmonics that I was expecting as well.

 Summing up, the track is sure true to its title, 'Moonlight', with commendable vocals, and a good, consistent rhythm, and the atmosphere they are able to create via their music, which was the best part for me indeed! Just wait until they get their album out later this year guys, I'm personally curious enough to see what more Lilygun has in store for us!

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