Thursday, August 2, 2012

Committing a 'Computer Crime', the Grenouer way!

Well , there are 2 ways a reviewer can listen to this album : One, from a past point of view & two, from a present point of view. I chose to review the album with an ear for music, giving not a damn to any preconceived notions.

For dummies, Grenouer is a 4-piece post grunge/hard rock band from St. Petersburg, comprising of Ind – Vocals , Motor – Guitars/Bass , Arbue – Guitars and Coroner – Drums . They were actually an underground death metal band, way back in late 90’s to early 2000’s. They released 4 CDs within that period , receiving positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. But the most defining moment for the band came in 2006, when they released their highly acclaimed album ‘Try‘. With ‘Try’ , they changed their sound from death metal to technical/progressive/industrial metal , drawing comparisons with heavyweights Meshuggah and Fear Factory .

After ‘Try’ , they released ‘Lifelong Days’ , which led them to tour with famous metal bands like Neuorosis , Anathema , Soilwork , Cradle Of Filth and lots more . They were also the supporting act for progressive giants , TesseracT and Textures , as well as thrash metal gods, Testament . But after their record label , Locomotive Records , shut down. It kind of triggered a very surprising response from the band . Half of the band wanted to change the direction towards a more grunge oriented sound whereas the other half preferred to play progressive metal . The band soon got divided into 2 parts. Slavij, bass and Grave, drums , decided to part ways with the band due to creative differences.

But Ind, lead vocals and Motor, guitar , decided to continue the band’s new direction by hiring Arbue on guitars and Coroner on drums , to finish the recording of their latest ‘Computer Crime’ EP . This EP showcases how the former death metalheads transformed into a more commercially acceptable rock oriented group . There’s nothing wrong with that. Infact , it is a good thing that the guys have musically diverse interests .

The EP has a very different sound from what you would normally except from Greneour . The poly rhythms and industrial guitar riffs are missing , but that’s not a bad thing either. This EP stands out on it’s own due to the stellar post grunge sound they have managed to nail very well . ‘Computer Crime’ is a marvel for hard rock/post grunge enthusiasts . So I can say, even metalheads are going to enjoy the heavier sections of this EP . ‘Computer Crime’ begins with a heavy riff and a groovy bassline in the track ‘Last Stop’ . The chorus and the post chorus sections are the best sections of this song . Probably one of the reasons why this tune is my favorite from the EP . It has a good ambient middle section . All in all , a gem of a tune .

Next up is ‘Rejected’ . This tune is hard-rock lover’s cocaine . A belter of a tune , especially those nu-metal influenced guitar riffs is a headbanger’s paradise . ‘See No Sun’ is their single from this EP . A mellow track , with a couple of heavy muted riffs thrown in between , it’s no surprise that this song was released as a single . ‘Fix Your Life’ is a post grunge tune, in the vein of Alice In Chains . Thoughtful lyrics and a wah-pedal based guitar solo are the highlights of this tune . The EP ends with ‘Golden Years’ . A beautiful track using acoustic guitars and very effective backing vocals. This track sticks in your head . A bonus track in the form of a radio edit of ‘See No Sun’ is also present in the EP . The radio edit is basically the EP version minus the heavy riffs in the mid section .

Overall, I was pretty much satisfied with the EP, considering the criticism they faced when they decided to switch genres . Open your ears , people! Music should be devoid of any stereotypes . Good music should always be non-subjective. Go get this EP folks, you won’t be disappointed!

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