Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Folks, Brazil's got talent!

Now, Brazil exactly isn’t a place from where you’d expect good quality rock music(there are a lot of unheard, talented bands there though), maybe decent metal music ( thanks to Sepultura and its insane success at the international stage). But Fleeting Circus is changing that perspective. Fleeting Circus is an alternative band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who have been making waves in the music scene with their brand of music! The band comprises of Taynã Frota - Vocals/Guitar, Rod Seven - Guitar, Danny Seven - Drums and Felipe Vianna – Bass, and have recently released their EP titled 'Dream World of Magic'.

This alternative/rock quartet which counts Led Zeppelin , Jeff Buckley , Muse , Sunny Real Day Estate etc. as it’s influences, has successfully managed to gel all of these different sounds into a single one, best represented by them in their own style, importantly. On the tracks , you can hear Jeff Buckley inspired vocals seamlessly blending with a Led Zeppelin-esque type riffing, with a cool Muse and Deftone-ish mid section. The band, which made waves in the inaugural edition of Yamaha Brazilian Beat Festival, display maturity in their tracks, which you won’t find in a band so young .

The EP begins with a 2 minute intro called ‘Life Between Two Paper Sheets’. It has an ‘anticipation of something big’ feel to it. And, rightly so indeed. The band breaks into a Zeppelin-esque section to end the song. ‘Fake Station’ is the next tune of this EP. It has a dissonant intro, reminding me highly of Deftones . The chorus of this track is my favourite from this release. The song ends with the quartet jamming on the intro after a psychedelic break.

‘Underground’ is a mellow tune , with the guitars using a palm muted grunge tone for the most part of the song. The next track ‘Come On’ is the most energetic track of the EP. Frota’s vocals must deserve special mention for reaching those high pitch notes ala Jeff Buckley. All in all, the song is a good demonstration of the the band’s signature sound, even consisting of psychedelic parts and a tiny guitar solo. ‘Not the End’ is a so-so track, in my opinion ofcourse, not one of the stronger tunes in this EP. Its good, though it falls a bit short to reach the bar set by the other tracks of their own album. The EP ends with ‘Hurricane’, a song which progresses from a mellow intro to a crescendo finish. Rod’s guitar playing must receive special mention for the guitar work in this song. Tasty note choices with good phrasing, this tune is a treat.

Special mention to the art work – the maze of words ‘hiding’ the EP title. Nice work out there. All in all, Fleeting Circus, at their young age, have huge potential in them to get noticed prominently in the international scene, and as a matter of fact, I am eagerly looking forward to more albums from them too.

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