Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Musical Journey Into Jack Jeffery's Passage to Agadir!

The Guy's a Musical Genius ! With Pretty enchanting vocals and exquisite guitar parts, I could very well say that ! He's not David Gilmour though !

I'm talking about an independent artist, Jack Jeffery, who indeed has influences from Pink Floyd, The Beatles and a few others.

I could get a pinch of Pink Floyd in every moment of his album ! That's what made me so much engrossed till the end !

The album began with a song titled "Whiskey Burns", which had a nice intro and amazing vocals. Though I found the bass drum a bit too loud !

"You've Lost Tomorrow" had an awesome backing bass line, while "Passage to Agadir" was a soothing instrumental composition. A guitar solo would have made it quite interesting !

The next track, "Misty Morning" had a welcome plucking intro. Just the song you would really wanna listen to in a Misty Morning! Beautiful Chorus ! My Favorite song in terms of vocals from the album !

"Where's the Ambient Jam? " had A Foot Tapping intro and was really a peppy number. Wonderful composition on the Piano. I was left amazed when I heard Jack's guitar solo that I had to rewind the song and hear it again and again ! My Favorite Composition from the album!

"Being Myself" had a nice plucking intro and very enchanting vocals. The ending was well composed!

Reaching over to the next track called "Acoustic Mojo", I was like: "Gosh ! Jack's great on the acoustic guitar as well" ! Commendable work !

"Auf Weidersehen !" was another foot tapping track ! Much like the "Moby" types !

The next track, "I will be there for you", might confuse you for Bryan Adams, but folks, This is Jack Jeffery, a very original musical genius playing another beautiful soulful track of the same name !

"Interstellar Echoes on the Dark Side", as the name suggests, The song begins with Echoes followed by a cool riff along with great licks in between !

Parsonian Seque was a rock-psychedelic-trance track. Now that's 3 genres in just 1 track!

The last track, "Overture for Galaxies and Stars" had a Commendable intro, perfect beats and was yet another wonderful composition !

Well, Summing up, I'd like to add that truly, Jack Jeffery's album "Passage To Agadir" has been like a soulful, enchanting journey that makes you so engrossed right till the end ! Jack Jeffery is a very original, fabulous musician and definitely, this album is worth a listen, especially for all the Pink Floyd fans out there ! I bet you'd surely wanna rewind each track once more !

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