Friday, October 15, 2010

Fur State by The Boxing Lesson: A Perfect Instrumental Composition!

I just got to listen to a Duo band, called "The Boxing Lesson"(they don't give Boxing Lessons ! ), who have released an instrumental album, "Fur State", and trust me guys, These guys were AWESOME !

Fur State Cover Art

The Boxing Lesson has :

Paul Waclawsky - acoustic guitar, synthesizers, drum loops
Jaylinn Davidson - synthesizers, field recordings

All the instrumentals in the album are so well composed,versatile and very interesting indeed !

The album began with a song titled "One", and though I won't say that it was a unique sound, but definitely, there is something that attracts the audience till the end. I was actually searching for a particular point where I could stop playing the track. But I felt like their music was dealing with a story,which made made me connect with your song and hear it till the end!

The next track , Two, had a beautiful beginning ! Generally speaking, I prefer short instrumentals and this was a perfect piece. It was simple and short. Many musicians have a psych of including a hell lot of creativities in a short track. But here I felt something different!

"Three" made me dance right up ! Great intro ! Good arrangement of the synths. Really nice stuff! Creativity is present in each song of this album. Not too long and not too short !

"Four" was a decent track, not that attractive as compared to other tracks of this album. Still, it was a nice,soft piece of music.

The next track, "Five" was different from the other tracks, but still it felt as if all songs of this album are interconnected ! A storyline was maintained. It was like: If a single track is excluded from this album, then it would seem incomplete ! The Continuity will be lost !

Moving on, "Six" was TOO GOOD ! This sound can give you a sensational feeling! The blend of the acoustic guitar and the synth had brought a real charm into it, which is though, really hard to describe but quite easy to be felt and connect with!

I found "Seven" to be a bit boring, though I was eager to listen to a long instrumental from this band. It could have been a bit more interesting ! The album ended well with "Eight", their last track.

Overall, This Duo is Great ! No criticism at all guys ! The album is definitely worth a buy ! Though It would have been much better if they could have given some names to their tracks, as I felt like all the tracks were interconnected, so some prominent names could have made this album a perfect storyline !

To know more about the band, Click Here!

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