Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THE CHAIN-A story of music maniacs!

Tribute bands are all about love. At least that’s how I see it. You encounter music that drives you crazy and before you know it, you’re in a trance that’s going to be with you till you bid the blue planet adieu. People look back at the 60’s and the 70’s and even parts of the early 80’s as the time where music finally evolved. Some people call it the Golden era; others merely remember it to be the time when “real music” happened. Fleetwood Mac was part of the same revolution and are major stakeholders in the change that we witnessed in that era. THE CHAIN are a similar bunch; they love Fleetwood Mac and are going to make sure people recognize, remember and most importantly enjoy the music the legendary British-American band were famous for.

THE CHAIN started out as Harder Edge in 1991 and comparisons to Fleetwood Mac have been rampant ever since. Be it facial resemblance to even the style of music they played, it’s basically been hard to ignore. So they decided a few years ago that they were ready for the next step-the same bunch of guys coming together under a new name to belt out tracks by their idols. In concert, these guys perform with an intensity that leaves people spellbound. The passion that they resonate as they swing about in their FM attire is epic.

And don’t mistake them to be novices. With years of music under their belt and a sound understanding of what people expect and what they stand for, they have turned into one among the best tribute bands on the scene. Never have they performed for a crowd that hasn’t been sold out or walked out of a place without the crowd going bonkers and swaying to their beats. They’ve done gigs at Hard Rock Cafe, Trib Amphitheater, Convention Centers and even performed for a private, "Real" English Royalty Party!

So let’s meet the band!
Founder - Jim (Doc) Stamps –( Mick Fleetwood), Drums/Percussion
Kimmy Scholl – (Stevie Nicks), Lead Singer
Rob Gamerro - (John McVie), Bass
Sandy Anderson – (Christine McVie), Keyboards & Vocals
Keith Cole – (Jeremy Spencer), Guitar & vocals
Tony Acker – (Lindsey Buckingham), Guitar & Vocals
To those confused, the name in the parenthesis is the Fleetwood Mac artist they portray.
Check these guys out at www.thechainfm.com or you can even check out their blog at http://thechainfm.blogspot.com
Also, you can see them LIVE at Hard Rock Café, Pittsburgh on June 11. You can buy tickets via Ticketmaster.

It’s all about the love people.

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