Monday, May 2, 2011

Your Chance to Win an Official Rolling Stone Tee Shirt !

Folks, here's your chance to WIN a cool OFFICIAL ROLLING STONE Tee Shirt !

The Tshirt has been sponsored as a part of the Rolling Stone's ongoing contest: "Do You wanna be a Rock & Roll Star", where 16 unsigned bands were chosen initially, and the contest is now down to just 4 bands! And it is YOU who can get one of them to the COVER of the Rolling Stone magazine, by just your VOTE !

So, Come on ! Check out the artists and choose your favorite right here :

To Enter into our Contest,

Just compose an email with "Rolling Stone Contest" as the subject and in the body, type in your Name, Nationality, and complete the following sentence in your own words:

"Rock Music for me is ... "

Then, just send it to us at :


*Contest is open to our readers of all Nationalities.

*Contest ends on 8th May 2010.

*Winners would be announced on 10th May 2010 on this Blog and our Fan Page.

*Only 1 entry per person is allowed. Multiple entries may lead to disqualification.

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