Thursday, May 5, 2011

Go get The Trews "Hope and Ruin" album on your iPods!

Canada's THE TREWS had just released their fourth full-length studio album, Hope & Ruin. The album is a level-raising evolution for the Toronto-based rock band with two gold records, ten top-10 singles and 800-plus concerts logged. The album is currently NOTEWORTHY at iTunes and the title track is #7 at Active Rock in Canada.

The Trews, comprising of lead vocalist Colin MacDonald, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, drummer Sean Dalton and bassist Jack Syperek, are without doubt, one of the BEST rock groups of this era.

We got down to listen to their album, and well, just the first track was enough to get me hooked!

First up was a track called 'Burned', having a very peppy rhythm, nice lyrics and lots of creativity. It's really impressive and much beautiful. Next was 'Dreaming man'. Their excellent skills were evident in each and every moment of this track.

The title track 'Hope and Ruin' had a good riff, but the song is very high on the emotional aspect. Colin has an exquisite voice and even the lyrics had a certain feel to it. The next song, 'If you wanna start again' actually made me wanna play it all over again ! A pleasant intro, and beautiful, original music dominates it right till the end.

I was pretty touched while listening to 'I'll find someone who will'. Now that's what you call an amazing Vocalist! I don't think I've heard such a vocal performance in the recent past at all, even though I have actually been looking for such an amazing quality.

Well, moving on to the track called 'Misery loves company', I was actually amused at the wonderful, unique titles they have for each track. Now that's creativity at its BEST ! The song 'One by one' began with a very soothing intro. Though I thought the vocals to be a bit out of place, but still it sounds too good. I was forced to get up and dance along !

'People of the deer' was much different from the rest of the songs in the album, and that's what I loved about it. The next one, 'Stay with me' is a simple song with a simple meaning and even simple lyrics, but it has a certain depth to it and thats what made it so pleasant.

Then with a powerful riff in 'The World I know', the album ended with a very romantic feel in 'You gotta let me in'.

Summing up, this album is just PERFECT, and so is the band ! I have the whole album on my iPod, and I bet yours too would crave for these tracks once you hear them out.

The Trews are planning to tour the U.S. in June. Look up their website for details :

Check out this video of the track 'Hope & Ruin' below:

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