Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Finger: An Indie rock act to watch out!

Well, now its hard to imagine just a small little finger playing music, but that's what I just got to hear! Yes folks, this is about an indie-rock band who call themselves, 'The Finger', and for their music, I'd definitely like to give them a thumbs up!

The Finger has 5 members:

Noukas Sotiris
Azas Sakis
Nick Ditsias
Andreas Haralanis

I got to hear their debut single titled 'Die! Die Superhero!', and I must say, these guys ROCK! The progressive song began with a meaningful intro, a familiar voice but Lia's got the uniqueness in her vocals that I liked a lot! An appreciable guitar rhythm, well balanced drums and good sound recording: They had it all! Though the bass could have been a bit better and I was actually expecting a meaningful guitar solo too, but lets just wait for the whole album guys! It's sure gonna be a treat to your ears!

Check them out right here:

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