Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indie Rock just got a whole New Symmetry!

When it comes to indie bands, there are two camps.

Actually, there are infinite camps amongst indie rock snobs, but for now, we'll say there's two. Camp One: If you've heard one indie band you've heard them all. Leave 'indie rock' behind already, and Camp Two: Assuming, those in camp one are wrong, this is where the possibility for endless other camps arises. Camp Two-ers will assume that each indie band can be different, but will argue over the true definition of indie, whether or not plaid shirts with glasses and beards
are overdone, whether mainstream indie is possible, or even which coffee shop is more authentic to sit at and bicker.

I've said all this to say, I'll call Wires in the Walls an indie-rock band, keeping in mind the two camps. Yes, that's a disclaimer. Stay with me.

Genre titles, snobbiness and bickering aside, Wires in the Walls formed in 2009. Originating in L.A., they've earned quite much fame by playing in top venues, touring both coasts and being very 'indie' with their promotion, merch, sales and shows.

Regardless of which camp you fall in, the band's first full length album "New Symmetry" dropped on October 25th, 2011 and it’s definitely worth a listen, a treat to your ears! If you think you know indie rock, don't be so sure just yet. Whatever ambiguous label you want to stick on Wires in the Walls, don't do it, and give them a listen instead.

Well, The album opens with Tremolo, a whimsical track that's immediately striking. Between the unique vocals and cheery instrumentals, it's the kind of song you might hear playing at coffee shop and think, "Who is this band? They're great? I'd like to hear more."

The next track, Sympathy Ward, is slower, and the vocals are sung in a lower register, a welcome change from the last track and a reassurance that the vocalist can do something different with his voice. I especially liked the transition and rhythm change towards the end, perfect! The next two, Sirens and The Ringer have a refreshing classic feel that's not altogether stale, but strangely unique. It's sound tame, but in a new way. I've noticed a lot of variation in certain parts in each track, which is tremendous indeed!

The title track, New Symmetry, is ridiculously fun. It started off very well! The guitars and vocals definitely stole the show in this one! Just the type of song you listen to on a warm sunny day with the windows down and this song just cheers you up!

The next two tracks, Soft Shirt and Y.S.A. have a country-infused twang. Now I was actually expecting to find such a track next, and it pleased me to the core! Y.S.A. would be one of my favorites from this album! The Land, The Sea and the Outer Space is a bit of a departure from the typical 'indie' rock ideals, and reverts to a more classic-rock feel. The drums and rhythm blended really well with the vocals. The next tracks, Tin Can and Crutch are both energetic, giving away a Punk feel, Tin Can reminding me a bit of 'Green Day' too.

The final track, Eulogy, is a somewhat somber ending, which had a really versatile intro and is apparently titled appropriately. All in all, it's a simple, beautiful ending to such a diverse album that can hardly be done justice with the simple genre title of 'indie rock'.

All in all, for a final verdict: Wires in the Walls is definitely one of the most versatile bands I've come across till now, and their debut album, New Symmetry, has a blend of almost everything! Whether you love Indie Rock or hate it, you sure are gonna love this album folks! Check out the band here.

This album was reviewed by one of our writers, Danielle, who actually is a recovering indie music snob, but remains an equipment snob. She spends her time checking out new music, and scouting out the newest and most innovative revolutions in home theater design and home sound systems.

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