Saturday, October 29, 2011

The New Mastersounds' Journey, from Coals to Newcastle!

Leeds, UK- The birthplace of the ever-growing funk-jazz group, The New Mastersounds. Now the genre would seem quite unheard of, but I'd suggest: Better go hear them out and I'm sure its gonna be worth it to the core! Funk is primarily an American genre, but The New Mastersounds kept it alive in the UK, and made it popular as well.

 And now, the big news is: They have an upcoming documentary film scheduled to release on iTunes on November 1st! With sit-ins and commentary from several New Orleans master musicians, “Coals to Newcastle,” offers viewers a look into the lives of 5 Britons that have been influenced by a uniquely American art form, and a glimpse at the city that started it all as it struggles to retain its culture after Katrina’s devastation. The film has already been screened at various film festivals and has received amazing critical acclaim as well!

Now this film's sure gonna be interesting to watch out folks, being a documentary about a bunch of guys trying to play an altogether different genre that originated elsewhere, in their homeland, which couldn't have been so easy as it might seem to be! Take a look at the official trailer over here:


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