Friday, October 7, 2011

Rusty Pacemaker: Blackness and White Light!

This time around we got to listen to a solo artist, all the way from Austria, Rusty Pacemaker, who has formally not got any kind of musical education, and is a band of his own!

If the above description of Rusty wasn't enough to make you curious, here's a complete review of the album, 'Blackness and White Light' :

The album started off with a quite basic track named 'Cell' which wasn't too exceptional of some sort, having a nice riff, fine bass and good vocal mixing. Next up was 'You never had' and hey, contrary to the name, this had it all! An impressive dominating Riff, along with a very original sound to it throughout!

'My Way' had a quite long intro, and begins to sound monotonous after a while, and the bass could have been better in this one. The next song, 'Amok', had an appreciable intro, and real good variations in the vocals and music overall as well. 'Waiting for tomorrow' is, musically, one of the finest tracks of this album, complete with a meaningful guitar solo I loved!

'The human race' began off an energetic intro with a punch of rage. Total justice has been evident in the genre, music and the vocals. Good piece! Moving on to 'My last goodbye', only lyrically could I see some change in this one, else the style remained same. But I'll have to add that the blending of the sound and the lyrics is real good!

Next up, 'Blackness and white light': The intro should have been short. Its really difficult to impress the audience with long intro's unless its as good as probably Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven, although yes, Its not at all like I'd expect a sound like Led Zep, but what I mean is that the intro lacked a bit of creativity. The album finally came off to an end with an intense, deep and dark track, true to its name, 'Mother'.

Overall, I'd say the album is good and true to its name as well. Its kinda a dark album, with deep, intense tracks that are sure gonna get you something different on your music players, and well, the album is up for a release very soon too folks!

Check out Rusty's official site right here.

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The album finally came off to an end with an intense, deep and dark track, true to its name, 'Mother'.