Monday, August 10, 2009

Metallica V/S Iron Maiden !!!!!!


Oh Yeah!!! Let The War Begin Now!!!!!

Well, comparing the 2 big metal giants may not be a good idea but lets give it a try and see who wins this battle !

I Personally Feel That Listening To Songs Like "Master Of Puppets" and "Fade to black" or even 'One' has made me a huge fan of Metallica but at the same time Bruce Dickinson's vocals have been voted as one of the best of all time.

Metallica has got great compositions, actually Riffs and Solos of Kirk Hammett are tremendous . The "Master Of Puppets" Riff is one of the best Guitar Riffs of all time. And being just a 4 Member Band, their music still has got no limits !

But Metallica's "Purity" Has actually declined with their recent albums :"Death Magnetic" and "St. Anger". I Didn't expect such shit from them . "St. Anger" is a good album for a HardCore Metal Band, but listening to songs like "One" & "Nothing Else Matters", I wonder what they were up To!

But Maiden Has Kept UP Their Consistency And The Recent Live Performance Held Somewhere In India Was Also A Joy to Watch ......

Maiden Also Have Done Great Riffs Like Powerslave and Dance of death ..... But Their Beauty Lies In The Vocals ....... The Solos Of Maiden Dont Follow Any Pattern And You Just Cant Feel What Their Guitars Are Trying To Say ( Thats What I Feel Should Be A Good Guitarist's Ability To Have This Element In His Solo )........

I Was Also Thinking Of A Whacky Idea .......
Why Not Club Bruce Dickinson And Metallica's Kirk Hamett Together And Create A Maiden Out Of Metallica ........ Must Be Sounding Absurd Though !

Heads Up To Iron Maiden !( Dont Kill Me Metallica Lovers . Please! )

Come On Guys! Its Time For Your Comments Now . Vote And Comment On Your Favorite Out Of The two And Lets See Who Wins !


Playing Rock Guitar said...

Tough one. I personnally prefer Maiden to Metallica.
But I think Metallica are the bigger band in terms of sales, fan numbers, giging etc. Metallica are excellent live and are more accessible to other people.
Fact more people like Metallica and have at least one album in their CD collections. Fact less people like Maiden but more love them, and have more than one album in their collection.
But Metallica haven't done it in the studio since the Black album.
Maiden have.
Maiden gets my vote too.
Lucky we can like and listen to both though. :-)

bearockr said...

Good to have someone with me on Maiden ! Our music tastes seem to be much the same !