Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rush- The greatest trio band ever

Formed in 1968 this Canadian band is composed of Geddy lee( vocals, bass and keyboards), Alex Lifeson( guitars) and Neil Peart (drums).This band is higly notable for their instrumental skills and has been considered as one of the most influential bands of the 80's. Their songs contained social and environmental concerns.

This band's main genre is Hard rock and progressive rock. Some of their songs were also considered as metal.

This band influenced bands like Metallica, Dream Theater and Symphony X. Some of their greatest hits are 2112, La Villa Strangiato, Anthem, Xanadu, Spirit Of Radio, Limelight, YYZ etc.

Geddy Lee's bass works are higly acclaimed. Some of Rush's songs where he had shown his Bass skills are YYZ, La Villa Strangiato, Anthem, Cygnus X1, Freewill, Xanadu, Animate, The big money, Distant Early Warning, Limelight........ the list in'st ending. Geddy Lee is ranked 7th in the list of world's greatest bassists. Apart from his bass works he served the band with his high pitched vocals which was once compared with the vocals of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. His low notes were not so strong but he was able to sing at a damn high pitch. He was also recognized for his creative synthesising works.

Coming to Alex Lifeson, his guitar riffs and solo's are quite impressive and skillful. His live performances are unforgettable. Some of his greatest works includes songs like La Villa Strangiato, Working Man, Freewill, YYZ, 2112 etc. His guitar pieces are awesome but yes not comparable to the solo's of Zeppelin's and Purple's. He is ranked 38 in the list of greatest rock guitarists. Its a hard task to cover the solo's of Lifeson.

Finally the drummer of Rush, Neil Peart. Nothing to say about this man. Ranked 1st in the category of greatest rock drummers followed by John Bonham of Led Zepp and 8th in 100 most skilled drummers. His contribution to the songs of Rush makes every song a hardcore package. Some of the songs that every rock drummer should listen of Rush are La Villa Strangiato, By-Tor And The Snow Dog, 2112 and Anthem. Just try to play these songs and your drumming will be improved to a great extent.

These musicians had served us some excellent songs during their period(70's and 80's). Must listen the tracks mentioned above and then you will know why I consider this band as the best trio band. Though the band has been ranked 97 in the list of greatest rock bands but as a trio band no one can challenge them. Their songs include everything, perfect solo's, outstanding bass, exceptionally skillful drumming and sensible and logical lyrics.

Hats off to you guys!!!!


tad said...

Be: LOVE yr Nthusiasm! Njoyed yr write-ups on Rush, Spirit, Deep Purple's great "Highway Star" & others.
On Spirit, their BEST OF & 12 DREAMS OF DR. SARDONICUS R both well worth looking in2, especially 4 "I Got a Line on You" (GREAT guitar!, as I C U've already noticed), "Aren't You Glad?" "1984," "Nothin' to Hide," "Nature's Way," "Animal Zoo," "Mr. Skin," "Morning Will Come," "Life Has Just Begun," "Soldier," & I could go on....
On Rush, MOVING PICTURES is my fave album, but why does the radio never play NE of their later stuff? I'm a sucker 4 "Time Stand Still," "Force 10," "Marathon," "Mystic Rhythms," "Distant Early Warning," "Show Don't Tell," "Manhattan Project" -- these R all GREAT songs, & the only time I ever hear them is when I put them on at home. I've bn told gtr fans Rn't as in2 this later stuff, but I Don't Get why not....
NEway, great site, keep it up!
-- TAD.

bearockr said...

Hey Tad, and thank you very much for your appreciation of my blog ... I am really glad you enjoyed reading !

And let me also tell you that you and I both are quite alike in the sense of what you wrote above ... Rush, One of the most hardcore professionals, is seldom ever played out on radio or even on Television too... Actually , i know of a really few people who might even know that this band exists ! The music created by these 3 members is so much astonishing and magical, that I would consider them as one of the most Under-Rated bands, and Its hard to understand why many guitarists, and even more Bassists haven't even heard Rush once ! What a pity to wonder , ain't it !