Monday, August 10, 2009

Linkin Park V/s Limpbizkit

Linkin Park
Limpbizkit !

Well, I have started liking to compare between Bands Of The Same Genre . Its quite interesting actually! So .....

Lets start with Linkin Park -- They did a great job in most of their albums like "Hybrid Theory" And "Meteora" with some great screams by Chester . "A Place For My Head" being my personal favorite, because it has great Vocals and also a good guitar riff in it as well.

But actually I would say that LP has become a Bit Boring . There's normal chords being played and endless screams in them giving them the "Hardcore Sound" . But talking about compositions, There's not much in store for me Atleast . No solos . No Mind Boggling Riffs Or Some Amazing Vocal Range ....... Nothing much did I find .

Coming To Limpbizkit, I Would say that their guitarist has done a far Better Job Actually ........ He's done some Amazing, and a little absurd though, Guitar Riffs like the one in " Rollin " And "Take A Look Around". Their Live Performances are Far better and much more " Lively "!

They got some Amazing attitude, But, I found nothing great about the vocals . Though I am quite happy with their Drummer and Guitar player. Well, Atleast I do enjoy their songs much more than LP's.

I Prefer A Thumbs Up To Limpbizkit, Guys!

*Cheers* !

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