Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eric Clapton : The Most Exquisite Rock Legend Ever!

OH Guys ! I really dont have words to describe Mr. Eric Clapton... He has been my greatest inspiration and for the rest of the world too ! A really down to earth , simple person with such an immense understanding and extraordinarily unique and skillful guitar playing and really amazing vocals at the same time !

Well, just see Eric Clapton playing live and you'll feel that you ain't seeing a full-to-attitude Rocker playing, rather you feel an intensely pure performer playing so naturally that he has always brought tears in my eyes, because seeing a great old man playing so wonderfully, I feel I could go up and say : "Sir, Hope You Live Forever" ( same was for another great legend : Michael Jackson)

well... I will definitely not comment on the technical aspects of his songs and riffs, since I dont consider myself big enough to do so ...

But, let me tell you all another tale of his wonderful nature :
His Son 'Conor' Died , having fallen off the 53rd floor of his bedroom window and in memory of him, Mr. Clapton had written his famous song "Tears In Heaven" , which is now one of his best performances till date...

Then, another of his songs I like is "Layla" ... A beautiful riff, A very emotional guitar solo And wonderful vocals : A great song by the greatest artist altogether !

Here is a video of his song "Tears In Heaven" that is my favorite live video . Just feel his emotions while you watch it ... A man crying it out through his guitar and voice ( May his son Rest in Peace...)

Well, another mention to John Mayer, who got what may be the biggest chance of his lifetime to play with sir Eric Clapton at the Crossroads Fest ! Well, definitely he deserved it, but still wish I could be there too ! Here's A Clip Of Both Of Them Together :-

Well, here's another video of 2 Rock Legends : Eric Clapton And Carlos Santana Live Onstage:

Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler Live!

Thats It Guys .... If Mr. Eric Clapton ever reads this post, please accept my heart-felt greetings Sir, for you have always been an idol to me and will remain so in the years to come !!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for checkin out my blog! Yours is equally, if not more... Interesting! I'm glad you commented so I could find you!!!!!

bearockr said...

Thanks Very Much Whitney ...
Pleasure's All Mine!

drewzepmeister said...

Hard to tell which song is my fav from Clapton. But solos in Cocaine on the "Just One Night" album and Pretending from the "24 Nights" album blow me away! Not to mention his stuff from Blind Faith

classicrockforthesoul said...

I freakin' love Eric Clapton with alla my heart.

I got the chance to see him and Steve Winwood this summer... WOW! It was amazing. You should check out my blog post review + video of that. It was a fantastic show. To be able to see the same guy my dad saw twenty plus years ago was truly amazing.
He just gets better with age!

I highly recommend reading his autobio if you haven't done so already. I read tons of musician bios and his is my favorite by far!

bearockr said...

@ drewzepmeister : Oh yea.. Cocaine Has Definitely Got My Favorite Solo By E.C. ... But I Am Gonna Hear 'Pretending' That You Have Mentioned... Never Heard It...Thanks For Telling Me!

@ classicrockforthesoul: You Got To See E.C. And Steve Winwood ! I Am Feeling Really Jealous Right Now ! lols ... But Please Just Post The Link Of The Review And Video Of That Concert From Your Blog Here Or Mail to Me .. i Couldnt Find It In Your Blog And Am Getting Really Restless To See Some Of Its Clippings ! ... And Now , I'll Also Try To Read His Autobio For Sure.. Thanks Very Much !