Sunday, October 25, 2009

Top 5 powerful Hard Rock vocalists

The list is based on the voice power that they had during their active years. I'm not bothered about their vocal abilities/techniques. Here I'm just focusing on their vocal power (including their low notes too). The list also based on voice power showed in their respective live performances.

5. Eddie Vedder- Well obviously this man is highly notable only for his dominating powerful voice. He showed his power in many of his songs like Resolve, Jeremy. After covering The Who's song "Love Reign O'er me" Vedder showed the whole world his damn wide vocal range with a commanding high pitch voice.

4. Roger Daltrey- The first rock vocalist to scream so high without using the falsetto technique. When his song Love Reign O'er me was released the whole rock society was shocked to listen such kind of a powerful vocal performance. Daltrey was basically notable for his relaxing voice but by this song he showed that he is truly hard with his voice and a high pitch singer like no other.

3. Robert Plant- Best to hear Plant is in his live performances. He struggled a lot to reach his high notes but he did managed to do it. In some of his studio recordings it sounds very interesting to hear his voice and we can learn a lot. his low notes were pretty dominating and in high notes, well he is the king of G.

2. Ian Gillian- Joe Satriani commented "He can scream like no other". Its 100% justified. Yes, he is the man who never gets tired while screaming. His voice is so strong that even in his live performances he used to hit the high notes till the end of the show with the same perfection that he had during the beginning of the concert. Well nothing more to write about this man, everyone's knows him.

1. Freddie Mercury- When it comes to vocals no matter what the category is, Freddie is always seen topping the charts. The strongest vocal power that a vocalist had in the entire rock history is this man. Never used to struggle his high notes on live performances and never made a mistake while hitting a note. He had a very good control on his voice and that's why he is the best.

An honorable mention, that was recommended to me by a really kind friend blogger in the "Comments Section" below : Jimmy Barnes ( From the COLD CHISELS )


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great list, I would agree with all of these. I might replace Ian Gillian with someone but not sure who....

bearockr said...

Well, Maybe ... But Ian Gillan IS One Of My Very Favorite Vocalists And I Would Like To Keep Him In This List.. I Would Also Like You To Watch This Video, If You Get Time..
Its Really a Brilliant Performance By Gillan

drewzepmeister said...

I'd have to agree with you there!

classicrockforthesoul said...

Great list!

I definitely am with you on Roger and Robert. Verrrrrrry powerful voices!

bearockr said...

Thanks Very Much drewzepmeister... and I Do Agree With You classicrockforthesoul, Roger And Plant Are Definitely Very Powerful Vocalists for sure !

Thanks For Your Appreciation Of This List..

Perplexio said...

It's sad that Roger's voice is but a whisper of what it once was. I'd have loved to have seen the Who live when they were in their prime. Now you couldn't drag me to see them live. They're shadows of who they once were and it just wouldn't be the same without John & Keith.

As for Eddie Vedder, interesting story with him. When the Doors were inducted into the RRHOF, he guested on the lead vocals for their performance at the induction ceremony. When Robbie Kreiger & Ray Manzarek put together "The Doors of the 21st Century", drummer John Densmore refused to particpate saying the only way he'd participate in a Doors reunion would be if Eddie Vedder were the vocalist. He said Vedder was/is the only vocalist equal to the task of singing Jim Morrison's material. I'd say that's quite a lofty compliment to Vedder.

Perplexio said...

PS: He's not well known here in the States, but I'd also recommend an honorable mention for Cold Chisel vocalist, Jimmy Barnes. Barnes also did an album with a band called, Living Loud with Steve Morse of Deep Purple & the Dixie Dregs, and Lee Kerslake and Bob Daisley of Black Sabbath.

bearockr said...

Goodness gracious me Perplexio ! John Densmore said that really ??! My God, that might have been the biggest moment in Eddie Vedder's life ! The Doors refusing to perform w/o Eddie Vedder ... That was a really amazing info. you gave me out here !

And I have checked out Cold Chisel, and must say you are right about Jimmy Barnes, He does have a powerful heavy voice ... As for Living Loud, the band line-up you mentioned above seems to be a deadly combo of some of the greatest musicians ever ... I am sure gonna check this band out !

You are quite the most knowledgeable guy I might have ever met Perplexio ... Thanks very much !

dennis hodgson said...

Hard to disagree with this list, but it is worth noting that Ian Gillan's attempt to sing Nessun Dorma was pathetic, although fair play he had the bottle to stand on the same stage as Pavarotti. Pity Luciano blew him off that stage [and he was much older too].

bearockr said...

Hello Dennis, and a Big Thank you for coming over to my blog, and well, Thanks for also mentioning the immortal Pavarotti, who I almost forgot about :) , But, if you compare him and Gillan,then actually I may state that Pavarotti was specialized in operatic tenor and he is trained is such kinda singing, and so he can easily hit the high notes with ease and grace, and You should also watch this video : , a performance by him and Queen together, and as per me, the song was not suited as per Pavarotti's voice, and so, I feel that Gillan and Pavarotti have totally different tonal qualities, and Gillan is a bit more suited to the Hard Rock genre :)

Thanks for coming over Dennis, would love to hear more from you too !

E.T.'s Gravity said...

now this is the list i could always agree on. i love seeing Freddie Mercury at the top of any lists. he kind of stopped performing his songs on the high notes live like in Under Pressure but then again he got Roger for that. and the vocal ranges he does before every performance is just incredible. i could not say more. love him to death.

and boy Eddie Vedder, that dude is one of todays wonderful singer. i actually heard that that The Doors wouldn't be The Doors without Jim Morrison performing but Eddie Vedder would do, no other singers.

all in all, great lists. really. i love this.