Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Covers- A Trailer Of What's Yet To Come!

Well well ...... This post is about the Importance of Covers for any rock band . Covers are basically songs of an established rock band performed by another band in its own style and understanding of the song! Though I cant say that covers are the ultimate or major way to judge a band , It may just be for only about 20-30% of the total points to a Band, But Yes, as the title of this post says- "Covers- A Trailer Of What's Yet To Come!" , they definitely reflect the band's actual knowledge and understanding of music as a whole .

For example, Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" was a simple ( but Original, though ) 3-chord Folk Song which was turned into a great Rock Song by the world famous Guitarist Jimi Hendrix who blended it with his great riffs and Mind-Boggling solos .

Then another of Dylan's songs, "Knockin On Heavens Door " ( Well, you must have got an idea by now that Bob Dylan was a great musician actually though the covers of his songs became more popular , but originality matters most Guys! ) , was also a simple rhythm song which was quite changed altogether in a rock rendition of it by the Hard Rock band "Guns n Roses". Slash ( Former GnR Guitarist ) gave beautiful solos in the song and was well supported by Axl Rose's vocals . Now this song is more famous in the name of GnR actually!!

Also, Surprisingly Enough , Limpbizkit Also Did A Memorable Cover Of " Behind Blue Eyes" Of The Who Which Is Also Now Much Critically Acclaimed ... but also considered as the worst cover song ever.

So, History Is Full OF Some Great Covers OF Various Great Bands And Artists .... So , Covers Are Very Important For A Band To Establish Itself Firmly . A Band Can Also Show Its Originality And Creativity By Covering Other Songs Since The Base OF the Song Has To Remain The Same , But Ultimately ITs The Band's Original Tracks That Express The Band Fully Since They Can Experiment Their Ideas And MAke It Go Whichever Direction They Want It To .....

So, Pull On Some Great Covers , Rockers !! Some Of The "Must Covers By Any Band" Are for example,- Stairway To Heaven, Hotel California, Smoke On The Water , Highway Star , And MAny More ......

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