Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Use OF Monitor Speakers/Amplifiers

Well, I was having a performance with my band last night, and I figured out something very interesting which can lead many new bands to give awkward performances , unknowingly OFCOURSE!!!

When we used to jam in our homes, It was amazing . We had one normal room in our house and I used "Stranger" Amplifiers for my Guitar( because they're very cheap and of high quality) . But at the show , I couldn't even hear what I was playing ! The Reason -

We Didnt Get Any Monitor Speakers
..!!...( Or Instrument-Specific Amplifiers)

The amplifiers ( like Stranger And Marshall) actually give a direct , one-way sound and so, in a room, everyone can distinguish whether a guitar is being played or the keyboard . But normally in a stage show, the Auditorium Speakers are given to a band which give surround sound ( that is, Sound In All Directions ) and so only some part of the sound reaches our ears and we land UP at Sixes And Sevens!!

SO, Monitor Speakers( basically Normal Amplifiers specially for guitars / or keyboards) must be available for playing live .

So, Please Guys Watch Out ! Your First Performance May Be In Danger !

Here Are Some Marshall And Line-6 Amps For Your Use And Convenience .... I Have Tried These And They Sound Really Good And Excellent For Professional Use....

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