Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greatest Keyboard/Guitar combination Rock songs.

Well, this list is based on the keyboard solo as well as the guitar solo together in a single song. These songs are ranked not on the basis of vocals, bass or drums, but I'm just focusing on the keyboard and the guitar solo in it , And These Are Also A Must For All Keyboard Players Out There To Cover. Below is the list of top 5 such rock songs.

5. Tarkus (ELP)- If the list would have been of greatest keyboard solo's then maybe I would have ranked it no. 1 but the list is about the combination of guitar and keyboard solo's that's why I put it on the 5th position. The song sounds quite funny to my ears. I find it hard to tolerate this song often. There is so much variety of keyboard solo's in a single song that I miss the presence of the guitar. I deliberately waited for the guitar solo to come but after listening for 14 minutes I finally heard the guitar solo. The guitar solo is nicely done but the solo should have been longer as the whole song is of about 20 minutes which includes the guitar solo of just about 3 minutes and the keyboard solo of about 14 minutes. The song is overall good but not balanced if seen from the Rock point of view. Dont cover this song, it may upset your guitar player!

4. Light My Fire, (The Dorrs)- Not the best guitar solo but it will work for this list as I think this keyboard guitar combination song is a great work done by The Doors. Definitely the keyboard solo of this song is one of the greatest solo ever done but still, I think Its not upto the expectation of the category. I wanted to rank it at 5th position but the guitar solo is much more better than Tarkus so overall I rated this song in 4th position. To some extent I think this song is a balanced song to cover as there wont be any quarrel between the keyboardist and the guitarist. Both the players have enough parts and as well as a creative piece. And band's, I think you can try to cover this song.

3. Dance Of Eternity, (Dream Theater)- One of the finest progressive metal bands. A very powerful song which shows the deadly domination of the keyboard. I really love this song as both the solo's, the keyboard as well as the guitar run simultaneously. One of the best song to cover. Jordan showed a variety of his skills and expression in this song with a fabulous performance of 6 minutes. The keyboard playing in this song doesn't stop. It starts from the beginning and continues till the end with the guitar solo. You can get a huge variety of guitar riffs in this song and a must listen track for all the headbanging fans out there. Keyboardists can learn a lot from this song.

2. Lazy, (Deep Purple)- Thought to rank it 1st as both the solo's are awesome especially the keyboard. Song starts with the keyboard solo and ends with the guitar piece, Its really an innovative track but I was compelled to rank it on 2nd position as I think the song didn't show the combined rockability effect. I ain't saying that it lacked rockability but compared to the song which i've ranked 1st I think it deserves the second position. A very creative masterpiece done by Lord and Blackmore, well dont have much to say about them as everyone knows both are the legends. John Lord is the greatest rock keyboard player till date. Its the best song to cover and it will develop a very friendly relation with your guitarist...... lol. But yes, you both will be satisfied while covering this song as none of you can dominate on this, as both are equal. The best song to cover for a Rock Keyboardist.

1. Highway Star (Deep Purple)-Well this song includes one of the best guitar solos and one of the best keyboard solos. The most balanced rock song in this combination. A fast rocking keyboard solo played by John Lord and then comes an outstanding guitar solo by Ritchie Blackmore. A 6 minutes song and a well defined song, not so long and not too short. While listening to Tarkus I get bored after a while as so much of keyboard solo is becomes quite annoying after some time. But in this song Lord not only showed his originality but also a huge skills within a 1 min solo. Keyboard solo doesnt mean you have to play for a long time and show your best. If you are a good keyboard player then you can create wonders with your solo within a minute also and that's what John Lord proved with this Soundtrack. A tough job for the keyboardist to cover this song. Try it if you are well enough with your playing otherwise learn more skills then try to cover.Well If you are a hard rock Keyboardist then the best band to cover would be Deep Purple.


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