Friday, September 18, 2009

How To Sustain A High Note

There are basically three kinds of vocal techniques which are used by the vocalists to hit high notes i.e the Head voice which is used to hit the normal high notes, The chest voice which is used to hit the highest note of the male voice with his normal voice and finally the Falsetto, used to hit extremely high notes which are out of coverage range of the normal male vocal range. Many vocalists practice and try to cover such songs which have such kind of techniques but the major problem that they face is How To Sustain these high notes. I'm about to give you some tips so that it will become easy for all the learning vocalists out there to sustain the high notes.

For the head voice you dont have to fill your lungs with air, it is normally done to hit the notes while using the chest voice. Don't fill your lungs with air while hitting a high note with your head voice, you wont be able to sustain it for a longer duration. When applying your head voice just exhale all your air and then hit the note and stop your breathing. You will need a lot of practice for this but it's the right way to achieve the sustaining power.

While using your chest voice just fill your lungs with air as much as you can but it doesnt mean that you have to fill your lungs with force. Be comfortable with the amount of air when you are inhaling and stop when you feel that its getting difficult for you to load up your lungs with so much of air as it can hamper your vocal throw. When you have started singing the high note, try not to release the air inside you ,or release the air at a very slow rate , or release it slowly then stop releasing again when it feels uncomfortable, then release and stop again but dont release the whole amount of air without breaks.

For falsetto you dont have to breathe in or breathe out, not much breathing technique is required ,all you have to have is a great vocal power. Take in a small amount of air( means inhale air for just one or two seconds) and use your whole vocal power, that's all you have to do. Similarly while hitting your chest voice inhale air as much as you can and in falsetto inhale air for a shorter period but both of these techniques needs a lot of vocal power.

Knowledge of appropriate breathing technique is essential to sustain your high notes.


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