Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Greatest Rock Songs

Well this might gonna be the most controversial list but i'm ranking these songs according to its originality, musicality, creativity, instrumentality, impact and according to my music knowledge. Here it goes, the Greatest Rock songs that every rocker should listen and know about the musical depth of it.

10. Smoke On The Water(1972), Deep Purple- Well definitely I would say its not the greatest work done by this band. There are many other songs where they have showed their great musical abilities and skills but this song has really left the greatest impact on the rock generation, dont know why other songs were not able to do that. Whenever I talk about Deep Purple with people, they just start their talks about smoke on the water and specially the guitar intro. Though the song is excellent but i've ranked this song because of its guitar riff and a well balanced composition.

9. Smells Like Teen Spirit(1991), Nirvana- The Greatest song of Nirvana and one of the most memorable song for the rock history. The only part of this song which I admire is the drumming. Guitaring and vocals are fine as the solo of this song is not an exceptional one. The song gained much fame after Cobain's death. This song entered the alternative rock in the mainstream. The song has been critically acclaimed for its alternative charm and the lyrics. Overall, this song deserves to be on top ten.

8. Time(1973), Pink Floyd - Sometimes I find myself in a different world while listening to its intro. Honestly this band's musical sense is unbeatable. They have everything in this what a rock song should be compiled of. Gilmour's outstanding solo, Water's amazing lyrical work and the best part, the intro of the song makes it a great psychedelic rock song. This song has dominated the charts for over 14 years. So now you think why this song deserves to be on the list of top ten songs. Just listen to it guys and know about the greatest composition ever done by Pink Floyd.

7. Hotel California(1976), The Eagles- Two things that I really like about this song, the guitar and the vocal performance. No comparison in guitaring as one of the greatest guitar songs ever released and overall this song is a lovely masterpiece done by The Eagles. A great composition of country rock. The song's lyrical performance is well done. It topped the charts for abour 8 weeks in the early 1977. This song has now become a guitar lesson and its taught to every guitar learner.

6. Imagine(1971), John Lennon- When I say "Rock" the things that comes in my mind is a guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals. But this song is quite different. I ranked this song because Sir. Lennon worked for a cause and made a change through his music. This simple song has left a deep impact on the world and Sir. John Lennon is the god for every human being. I wish this world could be the way Sir Lennon wanted. Not only for me but for the whole world this song is one of the most influential one. I want to rank this song at no. 2 but i'm ranking on the basis of everything not only on the basis of lyrics or impact.

5. Light My Fire (1967), The Dorrs- This song recieved success in many countries. The song is mostly Keyboard dominated having a very extensive solo. Lyrically very poetic, musicaly one of the finest and a great male vocal performance by the legendary Jim Morrison. This song rocked the charts everywhere and the cover version of Jose Feliciano's recieved grammy in 1969 for best male vocal performance and for best new artist. One of the best compositions of "The Dorrs".

4. Freebird (1973), Lynyrd Skynyrd - This Song featured on the debut album of this band and was the most successful song released by them. definitely its the best soft and hard rock comfination song. The song starts with a soft intro and ends with a long fast guitar solo. Its so energetic that I'm compelled to rank it on 4th as 95% it defines the rockabilty of a song. A heavy work done by the band members in this song. Their fast guitar solo is not notable only for their speed but for their musicality and its one of my favourite too. a song that every rocker must listen.

3. Like A Rolling Stone(1965), Bob Dylan- Lyrics, Lyrics and only Lyrics. I have mentioned earlier that I'm ranking the songs on the basis of everything not only on a specific field but I'm ranking this song only because of its lyrics. You will have to listen to this song for several times to understand its quality. I didn't like this song when I heard this song for the first time. I found Dylan's voice quite irritating but when I heard this song for about 15 to 20 times then I realised the lyrical ability that Dylan Showed. A simple song but a deserving rank.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody (1975), Queen ---- Well There's no one who can create a composition like Bohemian Rhapsody. The most unique song in the entire rock history. There are many rock songs where there is a sudden scale change or a sudden change in their music but no song is like Bohemian Rhapsody and that's why I have listed it at 2nd position. A unique song with unique lyrics and sound. I dont think the rock generation will get a song like Bohemian Rhapsody in future. An unforgettable song.

1. Stairway To Heaven (1971), Led Zeppelin- Just listen and know by yourself. I dont have to write on this legendary song. You know it or you will know it after you listen.


Anonymous said...

I 110% agree that Stairway comes in first place, it has the level as "beautiful". But for me, Smells will come second.

RockRulz said...

Well... I Appreciate YOur View , But Actually Bohemian Rhapsody Has a Kind Of MAgical Composition complete with vocals,riffs and solos ...
but anyway, the above list is very difficult to judge because there are many many great songs in history !

kurt said...

This is more like the pussy rock songs top 10 of all time.